The Dos and Don’ts After Cracking Your Phone Screen: A User’s Guide

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Accidents happen, and one of the most common mishaps smartphone users face is a cracked screen. Whether it’s a small fracture or a web of shattered glass, the sight can be disheartening. However, the steps you take immediately after cracking your phone screen can significantly impact the extent of the damage and the potential for repair. This user’s guide provides a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts to help you navigate the situation.


1. Assess the Damage:

Make certain that your phone is in good working condition by examining it carefully to determine the severity of the crack. Is it a scratch on the surface, a single crack or a shattered screen? Understanding the extent of the damage will allow you to proceed accordingly.

2. Protect Your Fingers:

Handle your phone with caution if there are sharp edges or splinters on it as a result of the crack. Protect your fingers from further injury by using a screen protector or clear tape to temporarily cover the damaged area.

3. Backup Your Data:

Ensure you have backed up your data before attempting any repairs. Make use of cloud services or connect your phone to a computer to transfer files. This step is especially important if the damage gets worse during the repair process.

4. Contact Professional Repair Services:

During the warranty period, you may contact the manufacturer or your service provider to determine if you are eligible for a repair. A professional technician can assess the damage accurately and apply solutions that are tailored to your specific phone.

5. Explore DIY Temporary Fixes:

Applying clear nail polish over small cracks may serve as a temporary solution to prevent them from spreading. However, these fixes are temporary and are unlikely to be effective in the long term.

6. Use a Screen Protector:

A screen protector can be applied over the cracked area to provide a temporary barrier, preventing further damage during the repair process. This is an affordable and quick solution to the problem.


1. Ignore the Damage:

A cracked screen can lead to a variety of serious problems, such as water damage or further fragmentation of the screen. It is essential to address the issue immediately in order to prevent further damage.

2. Apply Excessive Pressure:

 Do not press down on the cracked screen, as this could result in further damage to the computer’s internal components. When excessive pressure is applied to the touch screen, further cracks may result, or the touch screen may become unusable.

3. Use DIY Remedies Without Research:

While temporary fixes may be useful, such as clear nail polish, it is recommended that you avoid using household products without conducting adequate research. Some substances may further damage the screen or interfere with professional repair services.

4. Disassemble Your Phone:

Disassembling your phone is only recommended if you are a skilled technician. A modern smartphone is an intricate device, and disassembling it without professional assistance can cause additional damage, void the warranty, or make professional repairs more difficult.

5. Delay Professional Assistance:

A more than a quick DIY fix may be required to repair the damage. Hence, it is advisable to seek professional assistance as soon as possible to avoid further complications and increase the cost of the repair process.


Cracking your smartphone screen can be a frustrating experience at Mobile Repair Factory, but your response is essential. Following these tips and don’ts will allow you to mitigate further damage and increase the chances of a successful repair. To ensure that your smartphone is in the best possible condition, seek professional assistance whenever in doubt.

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