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Warranty Claim Conditions

A receipt for any repair work completed can be provided upon request. We provide 60 days of warranty on all the repairs that we do. This warranty is not covered for any physical/liquid/software damage or for things not related to the repair performed. A receipt must be provided.

Physical Damage: We don’t cover any misuse of the parts we replaced such as.  If the part we repaired or replaced got damaged regardless of how that happened, any visible cracks/breakage or internally will not be covered under the warranty time period. Example, if the LCD screen have black spots or lines going through the LCD display. The charging port pins are bent or damaged because of putting wrong or faulty charger cable in.

Liquid Damage: After we repair the phone, the phone losses it’s ability of water resistance. The warranty doesn’t cover any liquid damage to the part or the phone itself for example water,coffee, juice, milk or any sort of liquid touching the internal part of the phone will void the warranty.

Software Damage: We don’t change the software of your device when we do the internal repairs, unless we notify you beforehand. There is no warranty of any software related issue.

All the warranty claims we will inspect it first free of charge and cover the warranty for the parts accordingly. The warranty repair time period will depend on the parts availability or the problem.

At no point does your device become our responsibility. You are using our service entirely at your own risk; and by doing so acknowledge that such a risk exists that your device may become lost, damaged or stolen or incurs any type of loss of any amount of data on your device whilst in storage or during the repairs being carried out.

Whilst we are in temporary possession of your device, we do not assume ownership of the device. We will take necessary precautionary steps to avoid the device being lost, damaged or stolen whilst it is on our premises (on your behalf), but you must acknowledge that we cannot accept any responsibility for your device at any time.

If, during the selected repair service performed on your device, further accidental physical damage occurs that cannot be resolved by replacing components, we will inform you of this. This instance will most likely happen if damage occurs to the ‘logic board’. We take every precaution possible to avoid damage to this part.

We will pay for the repair of any accidental physical damage to your device that does not come under our range of service. This includes sending your device to a third-party service provider to obtain repair service. We will choose which service provider will complete the repairs, and will endeavor to obtain the services as quickly as is reasonably possible after the damage occurs and after informing you of the situation. Once the device is received back to us, we will return the device back to you.

If the accidental physical damage caused to your device cannot be repaired by us or a third-party service provider, we will pay for the replacement of the logic board. This will be to the same or equivalent specification as the original logic board inside your device. We will endeavor to source the replacement logic board as quickly as is reasonably possible because we do not hold logic boards in stock. This may take several days or weeks from the date the damage occurs. We cannot accept any responsibility for loss of sentimental value, income or intellectual property resulting from the loss of any data from your device.

Due to the volatile nature of the software and hardware on your device, it may so happen that your device loses data during the repair process, despite not suffering any accidental physical damage. This includes, but is not limited to, your device entering “DFU” mode. We cannot accept any responsibility for any data loss from your device in any way.


The timescale advised for repairs carried out by is not guaranteed. We will always endeavor to repair and return your device to you as soon as is reasonably possible.