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6 smartphones may be worth more than you think in 2022

With each year that passes by the smartphone industry takes a big frog leap into the future. Each year brings to us the customers better phones with better features and workability. As the market becomes competitive so does the pricing and the feature package of the phones. So, when you go and buy a phone there are many aspects that we look onto before finally choosing the best package for us. So, what are the best phones which are worth more than what you think they are? Here are 6 smartphones that may be worth more than you think in 2022.

Worth Buying Smartphones

1-    Nokia G10

Nokia is one of the most trustworthy companies when it comes to smartphones and the electronic market. The Nokia G10 is one such phone which is low on pricing but high on expectations.  The phone comes with regular android updates and a 3-year warranty. With Android One, A USB-C port, and a 720p display the phone is a great value for money and does justice to price and expectations.

2-    Apple iPhone SE

Apple has moved on from the iPhone 12 to the 13 series. The iPhone 13 series is very expensive and costs a fortune when it comes to buying them. An alternative to this is the iPhone SE series. The series gives a full Apple experience and also is cost-effective. With Touch ID, a 4.7-inch screen, and A13 Bionic chip, the SE series is a very apple experience at a low cost.

3-    Oppo Find X3 Pro

One of the better phones which are available in the market the Oppo Find X3 pro is one of the most beautifully designed smartphones. The Oppo Find X3 comes packed with a beautiful screen and a good camera package. Oppo is cheaper than the Apple and the Samsung series but delivers the same output.


4-    Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

It will be very surprising that people who are interested in the smartphone industry will not be knowing about Xiaomi. The brand comes with phones which are high on technology and low on price. The Mi 11 ultra comes with one of the best cameras in a smartphone. It also houses a small mini display at the back in the camera hump which can be used for notification display and other features.

5-    Apple iPhone 13 pro max

The best in the Apple series and the latest, the Apple iPhone 13 pro max is the best smartphone in the world when it comes to screen and camera video performance. The phone is very powerful and can easily fulfill your daily needs.


6-    Samsung s21 Ultra

The direct competitor to Apple, the Samsung s21 ultra is a feature-rich smartphone, with exceptional specifications and a very good camera. If you don’t want to switch to ios then the Samsung’s s21 ultra is the best choice.

These are the 6 smartphones that may be worth more than you think in 2022.

5 things to know about Apple Vs Right to Repair

Apple the technology giant is known for its great products. They had brought the initial revolution in the smartphone industry with the iPhone. Apple has been known for its shrewd marketing and advanced products. The products are designed very confidentially and hence Apple tries to maintain the same even when the products that are in the market. In the recent past though Apple has faced much criticism upon its initial verdict against the right to repair. So, what is the right to repair, and what does Apple have to do with it? Here are 5 things to know about Apple Vs Right to Repair.

Things You Must Know About Apple

1-    Right to Repair

The right to repair legislation allows the end consumer (the one who finally buys the product) to repair and modify the product on his or her own. The legislation also allows these people to choose the technician of their choice. The issue though is that there can be seen a big difference in the way a local technician fixes a phone and how a store professional does. And this is where the main objective of the right to repair comes in.

2-    The information

The right to repair act not only makes the amendment that the end-user should be able to do repairs but also gives the consumers the added lawsuit that the people can now interact directly with the manufacturer regarding the information required by them to fix their electronic equipment. This makes the manufacturers or the OEM liable for providing and sending spare parts and information brochures to the customer in case the customer wants to fix the phone by himself or through a local technician.


3-    The Apple Stand

Apple is a very influential company in the world market. Any decision which is made by Apple will surely and certainly move the market. Apple was initially against the right to repair act, as it allowed the people to access the specific tool and critical information regarding the product. This for apple was a breach of security and hence apple didn’t want to get in the whole charade of losing their information, and hence in the initial days, Apple was strictly against the right to repair.

4-    What Now?

Apple has now given up against the right to repair act but not fully, Apple has stated that it will now provide the people with limited services. These limited services will be the replacement of the battery, changing the screen.


5-    What all is covered

According to the official statement of the organization (Apple), the company will start providing the information for their iPhone 12 and 13 models, and the mac book M1 in the initial stages.
The right to repair is an act that enables the customers to be very enabled to repair their phones. This will also allow for some genuine local repair shops to come up. The right to repair will also eliminate global electronic waste.

Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Phone From Screen Break

In the modern age, mobile is the most essential accessory that we all don’t forget to carry with us. Nowadays, people prefer investing in expensive mobile phones. If you are someone, who is a diehard fan of new features and new-age technology, then you might want to buy the latest phone launched in the marketplace.

Of course, it is no big deal to buy an expensive device. However, keeping it protected against damage and accidental break seems like a challenging task. When you have brought a brand new smartphone, you might be worried about its protection. Here are five ways to protect your phone from screen breaks:

How to Protect Your Phone from Screen Break?

Use Bumper Cases

The most effective way to prevent your mobile from screen break is to use a bumper case. The advancement of technology has compelled people to trust bumper cases. They are not just reliable but strong enough to give your mobile phone much needed protection. Nowadays, bumper case manufacturing companies provide stylish and attractive phone covers that make your phone look better and keep it protected. Such cases don’t just protect you from minor scratches only but also ensure your phone stays protected against all kinds of damages.

Tempered Glass Comes as A Perfect Protector

Nowadays, keeping your phone protected against damages is not at all a complicated task. You can use tempered glasses as they are a perfect protector for your mobile phone. You can go for tempered glasses and lower the risks of damages. You don’t have to worry about your phone’s safety, as tempered glasses come as a great screen protector. You can also use tempered for curved mobile screens.

Pop Sockets Will Be a Good Choice

When you are looking for a great tool to hold your smartphone with care, you should buy pop sockets, which are the most affordable way to keep your mobile protected. You might have seen popular celebrities using these pop sockets. They are highly recommended and bring you a great experience when you use them. With pop sockets, you can reduce the chances of a drop, which means your mobile will stay protected.

Use Skin for Extra Grip

People are shifting to great quality skin when it comes to keeping your mobile phone protected. It will make your mobile phone look stunning and provide it with extra care. It is certainly worth investing in the skin and you can give your mobile extra care. Moreover, it allows you to get an extra grip and hold your mobile with care.

Car Phone Holder

Most people don’t pay much attention to mobile screen security while driving. However, you should do that. Use car phone holder and keep your mobile protected even when you are driving a vehicle. In fact, you can place your mobile in it and use our mobile phone with relative ease.

You can minimize the risk of dropping mobile. Now, consider the above-mentioned cost effective ways to protect your mobile phone. Make sure you choose one that fits your needs seamlessly.

Look for the best repair company for cracked and broken screen

We all use mobile phones these days, but if it breaks you need to get it repaired or replaced. Most of the people choose repairing option over replacing, so it becomes very vital to choose the best repair company for you to get your mobile repaired in less time.

Emergency Mobile Repair Service

If you have got your mobile screen cracked or broken, then it will be hard for you to use your mobile effectively. Screen is the important part of any laptop/mobile or various devices. You can take it to the repair specialists as they can offer you the best possible solution.

There are a lot of things to consider when you look for a mobile repair company. You might need your mobile phone soon for lots of your work. You need to make sure that you choose a company that can repair your phone as soon as possible and give it back to you.

Tips To Find The Best Mobile Repair Company For Your Mobile

You should need to do some research in order to know the best service or company you should go with. Following are some tips to find the best mobile repair company for your mobile:

  • Customer support and service:

When choosing a mobile repair company in your area, you should consider choosing a company which is renowned for its customer care service. The company that offers the best service must care about their customers. Also what is important is to select the company which meets the needs of your mobile repair. Never choose a company that doesn’t offer quality service to its customers.

Mobile repair company

  • Reputation:

The Company you choose should be renowned. If it provides quality service to its customers, it will be popular. You should ask from relatives, family members or friends about the company and their experience before choosing any company. It will help you to choose the best company for your mobile repair needs. Listen to their suggestions and then decide. You can also know about the company’s reputation from the reviews given by their existing customers.

  • Cost:

This is the thing you must consider every time when you are looking for a mobile repair company. It is vital to make sure that you set some kind of a budget carefully in order to avoid any issues that might occur regarding the cost of repair. So make sure you have an estimate to repair cost. It will be helpful for you to choose the best mobile repair company that will meet your needs. Always try to choose a company that provides affordable service.

Best Phone repair company

  • Warranty:

The best mobile repair company knows what they are doing will surely provide you with some sort of warranty. Many good companies offer up to 12 months of warranty on parts or service. It suggests that the company can be trusted and reliable; it shows that the company is sure about its services.

If you need the best mobile repair company to fulfill your emergency repair needs, then look no further than https://www.mobilerepairfactory.com.au/.

How to get professional and friendly Smartphones Repair in Sydney?

Your smartphone is an integral part of your life. It has become an essential aid to conduct your personal and professional matters. If you are unable to use your phone due to the screen’s damage or to use its features properly, you should want to fix it at the earliest. You should have access to the best smartphone repair service in Sydney to restore your phone.

Experienced mobile repair service provider

Tips for choosing a mobile repair service provider

  • Experienced mobile repair service provider

    deals with various brands, including Samsung, Motorola, LT, HTC, and Blackberry and deals with multiple brands. Some experts can repair tablets and computers also along-with smartphones. Hence, you can get the fix at the same location instead of finding two or more service providers.

  • Free diagnosis –

    Reputed service providers will diagnose the issue free of cost. The hardware component that hampers the phone feature will be identified and the best fix will be suggested.

  • Quick turnaround –

    Your damaged phone should be replaced at the earliest. In fact, 90% of the issues will be resolved on your first visit, and you will not want to make an appointment with the technician.

  • Replacement –

    Having access to spare parts and accessories, the repair and restoration of the smartphone will be accomplished in the shortest possible time.

  • Quality service –

    The broken or damaged electronic components should be replaced with genuine parts to not compromise on the performance. If your product is under warranty, the mobile repair service provider will advise you to contact the manufacturer.

  • Affordable –

    Mobile repair solutions should be reasonable. Your iPhone or Android phone will be repaired at an affordable price.

    iPhone or Android phone repairer

  • Software issues –

    Some smartphones need installation of the latest updates. The repair service provider will provide the necessary help. Similarly, the installation of firmware, apps, unlocking, and other issues will be resolved by experienced technicians.

  • Tools and equipment –

    Reputed Sydney smartphone repair service providers are equipped with the best skills and toolset. You will get a proper fix for your phone with access to the right kind of charging devices, power adapters, and screen replacement machines.

  • Camera lens repair –

    Experienced smartphone repair solution provider can repair the iPhone lens, Samsung s10e, and other models. The camera issues, such as lens repair, rear camera, and front camera repair, will be accomplished in an effortless manner.

  • Quality battery –

    You should look for the best battery replacement service offered by the mobile repair company. If the service providers can deal with multi-brand batteries, the replacement will be done quickly. While replacing, quality and highly durable parts will be provided.

    Mobile repair solutions

  • Liquid damage issues –

    Most of the smartphones are not waterproof. If the phone is drowned or exposed to moisture for a long time, you should carefully restore the phone. The instructions given by the manufacturer should be followed while dissembling and assembling the phone. Trained technicians can handle various liquid damage issues carefully.

  • Speaker issues –

    If you cannot hear or find distortion of noise through the speakers, the technicians should check the speakers and should replace speakers if necessary.

5 Tips to Help You to Find Reliable and Reputable iPhone Repair Service

It is quite difficult for you to find a reliable mobile repair service as most such shops may have closed down due to COVID 19 lockdown.  It is therefore better to rely on shops near to you or ones that you think are good as your friend may have suggested. Yet there is always risks associated with such repair shops as you never know whether they are authorized agents or not. This is especially so with high end smart phones like iPhone where improper handling or repairs done by a so called expert may give serious headaches to you.

Best iPhone Repair Professional

In this context it is also seen that there is a positive too. You may, if you persist in searching for your right service shop for iPhone repairs, may find a good service that you haven’t so far heard about. Below you may find five tips that would go a long way in selecting your most reliable and reputable iPhone repair service during lockdown periods.

5 Great Tips to Select Your Best iPhone Repair Professional

  1. Online Research

It is obvious that there are numerous iPhone stores online of which you may choose the one that has good presence online. In this case you need to do some research to zero in on the right type of service. You may research for actual credentials and experience of these service agents or you may go for prices they charge.

  1. Focus of Service Agent

iPhone stores online

You must always make sure that your service agent in not simply a seller of brand new iPhones, but also undertakes repair works. Your agent must be able to provide you with first class knowledge when you speak about your phone’s trouble. If they have been authorized to do so by Apple then it is always better.

  1. Experience about Repair Service

You need to choose your repair store properly. In other words, your service and repair store must have enough experience in handling such problems especially relating to iPhone. For this, you must browse for independent reviews of other customers that have posted their comments about these services.

  1. Look for Quality of Spare Parts

iPhone service and repair store

You will find that your authorized iPhone service and repair store can give you authentic parts as they are always in constant touch with Apple. They also have actual pricing for these spare parts. They do not give too much discounts nor do they hike up the prices. They would rather keep their hard earned goodwill intact rather than commit to anything cheap.

  1. Repair and Service Period

You must also ascertain the conditions that are there while you have your iPhone serviced or repaired or both. These online stores would have step by step method for doing the same. You need to send your iPhone to them over courier. They in turn would give you a time bound repair time and their charges.

In case your iPhone is within guarantee period then you must always make sure to send to one of their authorized agent only.

List of DIYs Hacks for Removing Mobile Screens Scratches

10 years back this topic would have seemed worthless. Back then if you even throw a Nokia hard at the floor, there would have been minimal damages to the handset, and even lesser to the tough screen used then. With the advent of technology, the mobile phones started to use larger and delicate screens, to bring the users close to a all display solution and brighter more realistic colors. The shift from the TFT setup to the touch setup also made a new issue pop up, which is the screen scratches and damages. Though, most of the mobile phone companies are now using the Gorilla Glass Display and other hardened screen technologies, but there still stands the bleakest of chances that the screen might get damaged. So, here is a List of DIYs Hacks for Removing Mobile Screens Scratches.

DIYs Hacks for Removing Mobile Screens Scratches


This may sound weird but car products have actually turned out to be very beneficial in eliminating the small scratches from the surface of the mobile screens. These products mostly include the waxes that are used for car headlamp lens cleansing. These waxes fill up the scratches, by fitting in the cracks. The waxes, being transparent because of the thin coat that they provide don’t hinder the screen visibility. Another aspect of the using the wax which is beneficial is the fact that the screen of the phone shines as it is brand new.

Eraser is scratch reducer

Believe it or not the erasers that we used as a kid in our school days also act as a great scratch reducer material. It is not necessary to buy some special eraser for the process, a normal white eraser will do the job, even the one’s that are stuck to the back of the pencils. These erasers when rubbed on the phone screen soften and fill in the gap which created the scratches. The only point that has to be considered while rubbing the eraser on the scratched screen is that the eraser has to be rubbed with a soft hand; a hard press might damage the screen.


Mobile Phone Screen Scratches

These Magic Erasers are different from the contemporary erasers that we use. While the erasers we use to erase pencil is made of rubber these magic erasers are made up of melamine foam filled with a cleaning agent. The product is not that expensive and can be made at home. Magic Erasers are mostly used clean anything, but it has been found that the product is very effective when it comes to elimination the mobile phone screen scratches. The product is easily available and save quite a money when compared to a standard process of screen replacement.


Baking Soda helps to reduce scratches

Another surprising entry to the list is the use of Baking Soda. The product is available on the kitchen shelves of almost every household. While normally the product is used to bake fluffy and spongy cakes and pies, it can also be a hack to eliminate phone screen scratches. Mix some baking Soda with a little bit of water to make a thick paste of the two. When done, in circular motion apply the paste on the mobile phone screen. Rub the paste on the screen for some time. Now, wipe the extra paste on the screen with a clean cloth and voila!! The scratches would be gone. 

So, here is a List of DIYs Hacks for Removing Mobile Screens Scratches. The materials and items required to eliminate the scratches from the screen of the phone are mostly available at your homes. All you need to know is how to use them so that your phone screen looks good as new.

Few Common Battery Issues in i-Phone 11 PRO

The revolution in the mobile phone marked was brought by Apple, when Steve Jobs launched the very first i-phone. After that the company was known for the innovation they had done in the smart phone industry. Apple after successfully launching the i-phone, became the first company to bring a double camera setup at the rear with there i-phone 7+, and then changed the marked again with the first notched display phone the i-phone X. The mobile phone manufacturer since then has surged ahead in the market, but had faced many taunts about the battery life of their smart phones. While the competition like Samsung and One-Plus focused on their phone’s battery life by providing huge 4000mAh batteries, the i-phone still didn’t consider battery as an issue until the latest and the biggest i-phone by apple appeared in the market. The i-phone 11 PRO. The battery was a boost when compared to it’s predecessor the i-phone X, a cheaper and less loaded version of the I phone 11 pro max. The i-phone 11 pro has a battery on 300mAh a 200mAh more than it’s predecessor, which allowed it to stand a bit aplomb with the competition around. But then the i-phone 11 Pro had hit a roadblock, and the issue was again with the batters. So, here are a few issues in the i-phone 11 Pro battery.

  • Battery Drain:

Battery drain issue with i-phone

Recently it was reported that there was a battery drain issue with the latest i-phone 11 Pro Max. Users had reported that the battery drained faster than usual. When the problem was looked into it was found that when people were using their mobile phone camera, the battery used to drain 30-50% faster than the draining rate during normal use. This problem was then attributed to the recent update that apple had pulled up, the iOs 13.1.3. On conducting a research it was found that most of these battery draining issues have been reported by people who in the past few days had updated there phone with this latest version of the iOs.

  • Wireless Charging:

Wireless charging

Apple introduces the wireless charging with their i-phone X. the legacy of wireless charging has then come to the i-phone 11 Pro. The issue with the wireless charging the i-phone 11 pro is that it doesn’t support fast charging and only comes with a 7.5W charger. While the competition like Samsung has already developed and launched the wireless fast charge, the I-phone 11 pro lags in the department.

  • Small Battery:

IPhone 11 pro max

When you have a big screen and two great cameras on your device, it becomes important that the device has a big battery to support the phone. With a small battery pack of 3000mAh, the i-phone 11 pro is good but for the price you pay and the competition that resides around the phone at the same price range will always make you feel that apple could have done better with the battery capacity. A battery of 4000mAh gives the people the confidence during travel that the phone can last over longer periods of time and that they will not have to run to find charging pods and stations to keep their phone alive.

So, here are few common battery issues that one might face with the i-phone 11 pro. The phone packs a punch with its performance and quality, but when we talk about the battery capacity and the battery life, the phone lags behind with respect to the competition it faces around from the Samsungs and the One Plus Devices.

5 Thoughts On “Buying A New Phone Vs. Repairing Your Old One”.

Everyone has a smartphone or even a simple mobile phone these days. It has become such an essential item that living without it is like living in a Stone Age era. But over the years or months of use, your smartphone becomes outdated, you must have also dropped it a couple of times and also faced some sort of malfunctioning. A broken phone can definitely be a hassle and a headache that no one wishes to face.

However, when you have a broken phone in your hands, you reach a road that gets divided into two parts. You can either go ahead, replace it with a new smartphone or you can get it repaired. Deciding between the two can be a dilemma as you are not sure which one is a better option. Let’s explore some thoughts that usually come to people’s mind in such scenario and get answers for it.

  1. I Can Save Money By Getting My Phone Repaired

One of the most crucial factors in making a decision is definitely money. It is common sense that buying a new phone will definitely cost you quite a significant amount of money. It can burn a hole in your savings and leaving you unprepared for some uncertain and unexpected situations. However, when you decide on getting your phone repaired, you can get it done in a small amount of money, which definitely wouldn’t come as a blow. You will get your phone in almost a new condition and working just like before.

  1. Replacing Looks Like A Better Option

Buying anything new, especially in terms of technology is always an exciting thing. You get to do some solid research and buy the best phone in a particular budget. A new phone will come with a higher technology, more refined system and more memory for all your photos, apps and contacts. On the other hand, getting the phone repaired will take much lesser time and you will get back your phone before you even realize it’s gone. You will be able to enjoy the existing technology for a bit longer before jumping to the next one.

  1. Screen Repair Is Really A Good Choice?

Yes, it is! A shattered screen can be painful as the touch won’t work properly, causing discomfort. But when you will get the careen repaired, the repairing professionals will use high quality product so that you can enjoy the same touch and feel like before. It won’t stuck and give you a truly flawless experience at a much lesser price.

  1. My Phone Is Still Under Warranty

Smartphones these days come with a warranty period. So, if your phone breaks or doesn’t work within this period, you can always make most of the warranty period. If your phone doesn’t have warranty, getting it repaired would be better as you are already comfortable with device and parting with it can be tough.

  1. Repairing Will Save Time

As mentioned earlier, before buying a new phone, you will need to do some research so you can buy the best technology and that will obviously take time. With phone repair, you can get a phone in working condition sooner than later. You can give it a professional and within a short amount of time, your phone will be in your hands and just the way it used to be when new.

Most Common Causes Why You Are Struggling With A Broken Phone

Today, it is all about using mobile devices to make life much easier and convenient. Almost everyone is hooked to one screen or another and there would be least number of people who can imagine their life without using a smartphone. For millennials, it is their first source of communication, entertainment, and various other things. If their phone stops working or gets damaged, they feel lost and desperate to make their smartphones work again. As smartphones are made from small and vulnerable parts, it is common for them to break or malfunction at some point. However, if you are concerned about what can possibly go wrong with your smartphone, then take a look at the most common ways smartphone breaks.

Cracked Screen

Cracked screen

A cracked screen is every smartphone owner’s nightmare. A single fall or a dump with a hard surface can severely damage the screen. However, many phone companies have worked on it to make the smartphone screen more durable so that they can survive many falls and bumps. Still, a hard fall can damage the screen, making it difficult to use the phone or to even see anything on it properly. To avoid this issue, a lot of smartphone users opt for external phone cases that can provide some protection, although none are able to fully prevent cracks. So, you must follow some good habits to prevent such an issue. If the phone screen cracks, even a slight bit, don’t wait and take it to a repair center at the earliest. Using a cracked screen can further damage the phone, so it is vital to get it replaced by professionals. Once done, you will be able to enjoy the same smartphone using experience as before.

Water Damage

Phone damaged by water

Nowadays, many smartphones manufacturers are offering phones that are designed to withstand water damage. The use of the latest technology is making this happen and if the phone is submerged in water for extended periods of time, it can still turn out to be fine. What’s more surprising is that the phone listed as water-resistant can often survive submersion if they’re dried off in a timely manner. However, prolonged submersion can cause severe damage to most smartphones even if they are water-resistant. So, the best way to keep your phone safe from water damage is to be alert and avoid any water coming in contact with your phone. In case, your phone gets water in it and it stops working, take it to a professional repair center to save the phone and also its intricate internal parts and components.

Damaged Charging Port

Damaged Charging Port

One can use a smartphone only when it has power, otherwise, it is of no use. People connect their phones to charging cable on a daily basis and some even more frequently to give power to their phones. This constant connecting and disconnecting can cause mechanical damage. Furthermore, people don’t realize that the electricity is quite significant when traveling through charging ports and a short circuit can lead to permanent damage or a more severe problem. This is why; one must be careful when connecting and disconnecting the charging cable and also try to avoid hitting cables when moving. If you are facing charging problems, try changing the cable or take it to a professional for a thorough examination to understand the main problem.