This repair will replace the battery in your device. We only use the highest-quality AAA replacement parts.
If your iPhone 6 battery is not lasting you long or your phone shows charging but not turning on you need battery replacement. This repair can be done while you wait.


Whenever your phone starts experiencing any power issues, the most important cause here is the problem with the lithium-ion battery. The battery can be easily replaced for most of the iPhone models, and it usually takes nearly 15 minutes to install a new battery. The Mobile Repair Factory is the best place for your iPhone 6 battery replacement Sydney. We at Mobile Repair Factory provide cost-effective and fast replacements for iPhone batteries.

Although these mobile battery issues are common things, there are few things which you happen to follow can help in preventing the damage to your battery or to prolong or extend the life of your battery:

  • Update your software regularly
  • Keep the phone out of the heat
  • Never charge your phone in metal or magnet cases
  • Optimizing the settings by boosting the performance
  • Just by dimming the phone brightness or turning the Wi-Fi off helps to save your battery life. Sometimes overcharging of your phone leads to battery damage.


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