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Know Why Used iPhone Sale Is Increasing in The Market

A steep fall has been observed in the global market of iPhones in the last quarter, according to the primary research companies. The refurbished and used market is gaining popularity at a surprising rate. Apple closely holds 75 percent of the second-hand market, leading by a significant margin.

Used iPhone

With time mobile phones have become so ubiquitous that everyone has one. Therefore there are different levels of mobile phones in the market- From the latest apple devices over $1000 to the local and refurbished prepaid phone under the cost of $100—year by year the explosive growth of new mobile devices of all prices enhanced-until recently. According to the emerging trend, as mobile technology matures, sales of new unit decline. This, however, increases the growth of the second-hand market. This is the time of the year when the entire market is full of different types of used iPhones that are technically viable and with minor edit is ready for the resale. However, during this process, the diagnostic issues and previous owner data is addressed.

What is the possible reason behind the growth of the second-hand iPhone?

A Marketing Research forecast that in the coming time, the second-hand market is going to reach 39 billion dollars in the global revenue. This recent report estimates that the global used iPhone market and refurbished market will expand by 9 percent from the year 2017 to 2025. Even apple also said that the sale of used and refurbished mobile in the consumer-owned and company-owned market would collectively account for the million units by the end of the year 2025. This is the number that worth paying attention to.

Price driven behaviour

The affordability of the refurbished and used devices, especially in the context of the cost of the new device, supports the growth of the used iPhone market. This somehow has created a gap in the mid that second-hand devices barring issues with repair and erasure can help in filling.

Longer lifecycles of iPhones

Gone are the days where buyers feel the need to purchase a new phone every one or two years. Though the most common reason behind changing the phone is it stops working. These days’ consumers are too slow in upgrading their devices and leading to the longer lifecycles but also translate the lower cost of ownership over the cost of the life of the phone when purchasing the used one. On average, the upgrade cycle of smart phones in Australia is one year.  Even 10% percent of iPhone used in the year 2016 is still in use in 2020 either by second or third owner.

The online store is a great solution

Mobile Online Store

A user moved on to the new device that costs more than his/her budget because the repair is not an easy option for him/her. But if someone is selling used iPhone device that to be within the budget of the buyer, then what is the issue in not accepting it. Mobile Repair Factory is one of the reliable stores that can deliver you the product that you want that to be within your pocket size.  So what do you think?

Just visit Mobile Repair Factory and get a chance to view the reasonable used iPhone option.

Smart Ways to Preserve Your Phone Battery While Travelling

Our phones have become a vital part of our lives. We need it to stay connected with friends, get desired information, to capture things (especially when traveling). However, one would never appreciate low battery while traveling as there is so much to do. Just follow these ways to preserve your phone’s battery and enjoy your trip more than ever.

Switch To Airplane Mode

Airplane mode

Whether you are traveling via a car, bus, train or plane, if you wish to save your phone’s battery, then switch it to airplane mode. It is especially important when you are traveling to a rural area as that is the time when your phone will be working hard to keep you connected even if you don’t want to be. It will keep on trying to search for a signal, thus draining the battery faster than before. Even if it finds a signal, the process will keep on going until it finds a better one. So turn on the airplane mode to make it stop searching for a signal.

Enable Battery-Saver Mode

Battery saver mode

Most of the phones these days let you know to enable the battery saver mode when the battery level reaches 20 percent or 10 percent. By enabling this, all the non-essential features will be turned off such as it dims the display brightness, reduces some visual effects, stops automatic email fetching, and completely disables other features that consumes a significant part of your phone’s battery. If you wish to save more of your phone’s battery and not wait until its low to 10 or 20 percent, then go to phone’s settings to turn on the battery saver mode.

Customize Your Notifications and Apps

Mobile App notification

Another great way of saving your phone’s battery while traveling is to customize your notifications and apps. This is because the moment you turn off your cellular data, it gives you a sense of achievement when you find free Wi-Fi. The moment your phone gets connected to it, all the apps automatically start updating and refreshing at the same time. This might look great but it is draining your phone’s battery faster than ever. Another thing that drains the battery is with apps that frequently wake up your display screen with notifications. So, just turn off the notifications by going to app settings.

Adjust Your Phone’s Screen Brightness

Mobile screen Brightness

A lot of people don’t know this but phone’s display can make a tremendous difference in battery life. The new smartphones come with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display screens that offers better colors. When you reduce the screen’s brightness or opt for true black mode, there is a significant decrease in phone’s battery consumption. So, simply reduce the screen’s brightness or switch it to auto adjust.

Avoid Fetching & Refreshing

Avoid mobile refreshing

As we are so used to using our phones all the time, it is difficult to leave it alone for an extended time period. Our active social life motivates us to check the likes on social media pages and constantly refresh the feed to see what’s new. However, these apps are one of the biggest battery killers. During travel time, avoid using these apps too much and try to leave the phone alone for as long as possible.

Top 5 Phone Repair Equipment That Are Mostly Used

Our smartphones are quite delicate. A single slip or mishappening can lead to a great loss. As we are so addicted to this particular technology, it is hard to imagine our lives without it. So, if you are giving your phone for repair and want to know what kind of equipment will be used, then take a look at the list below. Remember, these are just a few out of many.

  1. Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

The new smartphones aren’t like what they used to be before. Earlier there used to be really small screws that used to hold the entire phone together. However, the phones are kept together with an adhesive these days, which cannot be pried open without heating up the adhesive first. Now, to do that you need to make use of a heat gun or hair dryer. When the heat is applied, the adhesive starts softening up, making it much easier to separate the display when you pry it open. It also lessens the chance of something breaking. It is a highly effective way but requires precision.

  1. Magnetic Mat

Now, once you start dissembling the phone, you will end up with a lot of small parts and loose screws. When working with a phone, you must never forget that each part holds a great value. This is why it is vital to keep all the parts well organized so that when you are putting the phone back together, you can do it with ease. You can keep the parts on any surface but there is a great probability that they can get lost. This is where magnetic mat comes as a blessing. It will not only stop the screws from rolling off the table but the mats has separator lines, that allows you to organize each part and keep a track of it.

  1. Guitar Picks

This one might sound a little out of the place but believe us, it is vital phone repair equipment and is used quite regularly. It comes in handy when you are dealing with a stubborn display assembly that’s really glued down. You can use it to place between the areas that you’ve already pulled apart. The picks being there will ensure that the two pieces stays separated. It is also a fairly easy thing to obtain as all you need to do is visit any music store that sells them or simply order it online.

  1. Magnifying Glass

Another equipment that might not make sense but it will when you will read further. It won’t come as a surprise that smartphone parts are very tiny. You must have a really good eye sight to distinguish between them and see what’s what. However, if this is not the case, a Magnifying Glass will come in handy. You can use it to clearly see the parts or where exactly the issue lies.

  1. A Lamp

Having plenty of light is necessary but it is important that the light falls directly onto the phone’s part to get a clear view. A tube light or ceiling bulb might not prove effective. So you can use a lamp to see everything clearly and to maintain your focus.

6 Most Common Myths about Phone Repair to Know About

If you own a Smartphone then it is likely that you may need to get it repaired. But when it comes to repairs, a lot of us have wrong notions about smartphones and this may sometimes prevent us from taking the right step.

Uncooked rice can fix a water damaged phone

You must have often heard that keeping your phone submerged in uncooked rice overnight fixes your water damaged phone. Some believe that the rice absorbs the water from the phone and brings your phone back to normal. However, this isn’t the case; the rice may absorb the water to some extent but does not prevent the motherboard from corrosion. Keeping, your phone submerged in unbaked rice can damage your device. The sugar and starch in rice leave behind remnants that can speed up corrosion in the motherboard.

All Smartphone repairs take a long time

One of the simple Smartphone repair myths that people believe is that all Smartphone repairs take a really long time. This is why they are hesitant to give the Smartphone for repair work. However, this is not always true. In the case of screen changing, malfunctioning buttons, etc., the repair may not take much time at all. Most repairs just take a few hours and you can get your phone back in a day or two.

One of the common Smartphone repair myths is that repairs are always expensive

Lots of people have this misconception that most Smartphone repairs are very expensive. This prevents them from giving their phone for repair. But if you contact a trusted and authorized dealer for repairs, then the repair cost will be very justified and not expensive at all. It is better to do proper research about repair costs to prevent extra expenditures.

After the smartphone repair, the phone is not the same anymore 

This is the most common myth which almost every single person thought after repairing their phone. This statement is completely wrong. It doesn’t mean that after repair your phone functions change but yes you will get good results only if you opt for a good company or repair center for your phone. If your technicians are very well experienced and your repair company is good then your phone will remain the same as you want.

The smartphones replaced parts are always thick

Mostly peoples believe that the parts replaced during the process are always fake, the companies or technicians never use original parts that’s why the phone won’t remain the same. Yes in some cases this is true but not in all because it is always advised to go for trusted repair centers when there is a need for replacing the phone parts. Always choose authorized trusted repair centers to repair your mobile phone.

The cracked screen only affect the look of your mobile phone

This is not true, the shattered screen of your mobile phone makes it difficult to use your phone properly. But with passing time they cause various other internal issues with your phone. If you left your phone unfixed you need to face several issues such as discoloration, dark spots, dead spots, etc. So it is advised to take your phone to the technician before it’s too late.

Make sure you remember these points the next time your phone needs any kind of repair or service.

Top 5 Ways to transfer Files from Android to iPad?

Are you worried about transferring files from android to iPad? If yes, then here are few tips to make it possible.

  • Email:

This is actual cloud service and you can attach your files via mail and send anywhere to anyone for free.  Size of the file you want to attach may be a limiting factor as it allows between 15-25 MB. Sending larger files may be a bit tricky and you may look elsewhere to share. Apart from it, some people do not prefer this option when it comes to share sensitive information or client informatics with others.

You can use email in order to share files without any hassle.  This can be the simplest way to share items. This is effective only when you know the email address of person with whom you want to share files. You just need to have internet access and you can share easily. However, you cannot share large files, but it can be possible in small files.

  • An online storage service:

The iCloud Drive made by Apple can prove quite effective when it comes to file sharing. You can also use go with Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive, Egnyte and SugarSync and more. You just need to create an account in order to use such file sharing services. You can upload files to your file storage services and share these files with other platforms. You may send a link to that file too.

  • Use app:

Apart from email, there are various other ways to share files between android and iOS devices. You can use cross platform apps like Feem, Shareit, Zapya, FileTransfer, Instashare and more.If you want to share files even if you are offline, the  Shareit can be the best option. You just need to open it and select the files you want to share and send it to the device you want to. Feem can also be a wonderful app. Both device must install and run Feem to share files.

  • A Wireless Storage Solution:
    Wireless storage

Some prefer SanDisk Connect USB stick with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver to share files. It works with an app on your android or iOS device and makes file sharing easier. It can act as a middle manager when it comes to share files. Uploading to USB stick from one device and downloading files from other device or platform make sharing fast. Sharing files with multiple devices simultaneously will be possible with this stick.

You can also use iTunes to share. You can use it as it is easy to fix. You just need to plug in your iPad through USB into iTunes and similarly android device and you can use it like a mass storage device. It just requires drag and drops the files you wish to share.

  • Leawo iTransfer:

You must have heard about this desktop application for windows. It can allow for full transfer functionality. You just need to drag and drop files between iOS, Android and desktop. You need not to worry about Bluetooth or any wireless networks. This is simply associated with simple file transfer process including plug, play and share files between the platforms.

These are some easy ways to share files between Android and iPad, so try them and make the most of sharing.


There have been some inventions that are meant to serve humanity in different ways. One of these inventions was the smartphone. Little did we know, that this small package of technology completely transformed our lives. We can connect with each other with just a digital touch. This is what we call technology advancement. But can we really think about the possibility of halting the services of the smartphone? We can easily get scared just by the mere idea of it. When our smartphone deals with some kind of trouble, we think of all the available potential of repairing it. One thing which can bother us is the repairing costs of our respective smartphones. But don’t you worry. This article can prove as a guiding manual of smartphone repairing costs.

Before getting into the detailed facts of repairing, the cost can depend on certain factors-

What model phone do you use?

The repairing cost can range differently, depending upon the model you use. By model we mean two things-

Is it old or a new one or you are using Apple, Android or Windows phones?

The next point deals with that area of phone you are concerned about i.e whether the repair needs to be done on the screen or battery replacement or there is any sort of problem with the motherboard.



iPhone Repair

The iPhone users can get Apple-certified repairs and services at the Apple Authorized Service Providers. The Providers supply technical and professional support. They are determined to deliver high-quality services with genuine Apple parts. The repairs are even backed by Apple.


$29 is the amount you have to incur for your iPhone repair services of the broken screens. This is the amount you have to spend when you have already availed AppleCare+.With AppleCare+ the battery, the repair is free of any cost. But the users who don’t have such a plan, they are supposed to incur between $129 to $329 for one-time screen repair and $49 to $99 for battery repair.

Other repair-For AppleCare+ the miscellaneous repairs may cost upto$99 and other users may have to undergo an expense of $149 to $559.


The repair can either be done by the third party or by the manufacturer.

One of the benefits which can be enjoyed by the android user if they are keen to repair their phone from a manufacturer is that if the phone is still under its warranty time period , you can surely save a large amount on the total cost. With a third party option, your phone can be repaired in a few hours.

When talking about repairing broken phone screens, the cost which may arise can be near $100 to $300, when getting it fixed by a manufacturer. But with the third party repairing, it may land up to somewhere near $45 to $80.


iPhone Battery

This fact should be kept in mind,that the cost can jump up to $100 if going for a battery replacement.


When redressing a water damaged phone, the cost may vary according to the repairs required. Many phone repair shops may check your water damaged phone for free and they may inform you about all the repairs needed. Simple water damaged phone repair, without any kind of extra amendment may cost up to $49.But mind you, any kind of complex and sophisticated fixes and repairs can reach more than $100.

Smartphones have revolutionized our lives. It can literally save us from certain critical and complex situations. So it is important for us to take proper and professional care of our respective smartphones.

List of Things to do Before Handing an Android Phone for Repair

Our day to activities revolve around our smartphones and we cannot imagine even a day without using them. Nowadays, with the development of smartphone technology, you can make several day to day activities very easy and hassle-free.

It can be used for simple tasks like clicking pictures, making phone calls, sending messages and alerts and for also some complicated tasks like creating a presentation, managing your business, etc.

Out of all the available smartphones in the market, the ones that have a set of superior features available at a reasonable rate are the Android phones. Although Android phones are great in functionality, from time to time you may experience some glitches on the phone.

These glitches may be due to software or even hardware problems. No matter what the issue is, the best way to deal with it would be to approach a service center. Before handing over your Android phone for repairs, here a few things that you need to take care of.

  1. Create a backup of the data stored on your phone

Mobile data backup

There is a lot of important data that we store in our smartphones. This data may include confidential details like information about your account, important business emails, pictures, etc. during a repair process, the technician at the service center may perform several repair operations that may lead to the loss of such important data.

This is why it is important that you create a backup of all the data stored on your phone prior to submitting it at the service center for repairs. You can use Google Drive to create and store your data backup.

  1. Take out your SIM card

When you give your phone to the service station, it may fall into the wrong hands and this may be a cause for concern as they may misuse it. In order to avoid such a scenario, make sure that you take out the SIM card before you give your phone for repair.

  1. Remove the lock for security

Phone security lock

You also will have to remove the security lock of your phone like the unlock PIN, pattern, fingerprint authentication, etc. The technicians working to repair your phone may need to check the functioning of your phone frequently and removing these restrictions can make it easier for them to do this.

  1. Remove the memory card

If you are using an external memory card, make sure to remove the memory card before you submit your phone for repairs. You will have several media files stored on it and it is better to keep it away from getting lost or misused.

  1. Perform a factory reset

Once you have performed all the above steps, perform a factory reset on your phone to remove all the data that you have stored on it. This will restore your phone back to its original factory settings and avoid a scenario wherein your important data lands in the wrong hands.

Once you have taken care of all the above points, go to a certified service center and tell them the issues you are facing with your smartphone as clearly as possible. Mentioning and disclosing all the problems with your phone can make it easier for a technician to fix your phone at the earliest.

4 Reasons To Consider Iphone Screen Repair As A Wallet-Friendly Option

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Where ever we go, we make sure to have this particular piece of technology with us. From connecting with friends to finding vital information online, mobile phones are being used all the time. Another thing to note here is that mobile phones are not just a convenience but also a style as well as a status symbol for many. This is why people spend a lot of money to get their hands on the latest iPhones. The new technology and ease of use make it highly popular among the people. People also take care of it very delicately so that it stays in good condition for a long time. But a little bump or accident cause some serious damage to the phone. Especially when the screen gets scratched or shattered, it really pains because the phone becomes difficult to use. The touch stops working and content becomes hard to read. Many people buy a new phone to bring their life back on track but not everyone has that kind of money.

If you want your phone’s old glory back without burning a hole in your pocket then you must consider iPhone screen repair. There are many service center that has state-of-the-art equipment and trained experts that have access to the top quality iPhone accessories that are required to repair the phone. Listed below are 4 more reasons why you should consider this option.

No Need To Buy A New Phone

A cracked screen is definitely a concern but it is not a major problem. Your phone will work perfectly fine though there will be a problem with the touch sensor. But it really doesn’t mean that you will have to buy a new phone. The same issue can happen with a new phone as well. When you will choose iPhone screen repair service, only the screen of the phone will be changed and the rest of the phone will not be hampered with. Once done, your phone will look just the way it did in the beginning when you took it out of its box and packaging.

A Small Expense

This is a no brainer that buying a new iPhone is not a cheap investment. You have to spend a huge amount of money to get the latest model. But when you opt for iPhone screen repair, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. If your phone is covered by AppleCare then you are sorted. If not, then you can reach out to a professional phone repair center and get the phone repaired.

Saves Your Phone From Further Damage

A single crack on the screen can really be annoying to look at. But if not taken care of, it can further shatter the complete screen and can also damage the phone internally, which is difficult to realize from naked eyes. Such damage can be cost you a lot in repairs or if you make your mind on buying a new phone. So, take your iPhone to the service center at the earliest to save money and bring back the functionality of your phone.

You Save Valuable Time

Time is money and when your phone does not work properly, it is difficult to spend even a single minute with this problem. Repair can help you to not only save money but also time and start using your phone at the earliest.

Why iPad Screen repair will be a good option to look for?

Are you worried about the damage occurred to your iPad screen? Is it all about the hassle you have to face during replacement or repair? Do you want to get the things fixed within your budget? If yes, then this guide is all about you, check the information below:

The iPad Screen is an important part of the iPad. When it’s broken, you may need to have it fixed to enhance its surface features. It may be even disturbing to take out a broken device out in front of other people. Seldom is the damage really serious and it may stop the performance of the phone. The cover may not read the touch or sometimes writing can be altered. Nevertheless, with the best kind of expertise, you should be able to get your iPad in great state and function well. The term of repair varies. It may demand a few moments or even days depending on the severity of the accident. When loss occurs it is therefore best to go for a repair as it would not cost you as much as getting a new one.

Usually, iPad Screen repair makes the gadget even more functional as the repair centers usually replace it with a new so that there is no problem in using it again. A repaired iPad is almost as good as a new one. Hence an iPad Screen repair will be a good option to look for.

So if your iPad screen is broken, don’t waste your time by visiting multiple repair center, come straight down to a service center that is indeed expert in repairing.

Choose a platform that provides services to customers in a hassle-free manner and strive to serve their concerns in no time. Certainly, go for a service provider that can easily fix the iPad screen on the same day so that you do not have to leave your device behind. Above all, the prices for iPads repair are very competitive so choose a repair service that comes with warranty and lets you stay at ease even if something went wrong with your favourite iPad models. Luckily, now various online firms are qualified and accredited to offer iPad repair.

So if you have any broken iPad screen or any other device with any issue, one quality service providing company is https://www.mobilerepairfactory.com.au/ which can surely cater to your call and fix the IPad for sure.

All you need to know about the best company- Mobile Repair Factory

Mobile Repair Factory is an independent service company that has been rendering service since 2008 and they know their job very well. The expert technicians here will have a look at the damaged iPad Screen and it’s a free quote at Mobile Repair Factory. The company serves as the best and affordable Mobile Phone Repair center in Sydney. The company professionals will make sure that your device is up to the manufacturer’s standard. They allow a guarantee on every service they provide. Therefore, they use only quality parts to replace with any faulty parts, all our parts come with a warranty. They realize that you don’t want to spend a hefty amount of money on iPad repairs, numerous times. They indeed offer the most efficient repair possible.

Is Samsung screen repairing a cost-effective solution?

Broken Samsung screen may interfere with your ability to use your smartphone. Sometime using a phone with a broken screen may make your fingers bleed or so many cracks on screen may make your mobile look bad.

What to do with a broken Samsung screen? It is not easy to fix the cracked screen and it needs a professional company to get the job done in a proper way. Samsung screen is delicate and breaks after dropping or any accident.

Yes, most of the people think that Samsung screen repairing is a cost-effective solution. You just need to find out the best mobile repair company that can provide you the best solution within your budget.  The price for fixing broken screens may vary and depend on the condition or type of your device. If your mobile is older, then you can save a lot by going to a mobile repair shop.

There are various reasons to go with screen repair services apart from saving the prices.  You can get the screen issue fixed quickly, and you can get your mobile back in working order within a few hours. You need not spend a day without your phone. There are so many reputed and experienced Samsung screen repair service providers in Australia like mobilerepairfactory.com.au that offers the best services.  It also provides a warranty on the parts they replace.

You can get a warranty on each and every repair service here. They use quality parts and experienced professionals are there to fix the mobile phone issues. You need not spend big money on fixing a broken screen or buying a new mobile; you can get it repaired or fixed without any hassle. You can get your mobile again in the best condition by using repair services, so go for the right professional or company.

Repairing a mobile device is the best option instead of investing money again in buying new and improved devices. Further repairing a mobile unit is the best option for the consideration, if the Samsung mobile owner is an elderly person. Because, in general, elders have a tendency to use something with which they are comfortable.

Therefore you might have seen the repetitive purchase of similar stuff in their shopping list that they already have. This is a clear indication of how much hassle it is for them to learn all the functionality of the new device all of again. That’s why it is highly recommended to give your device a chance to repair before thinking of buying a new unit.

Now the quest is how you can know whether your damaged Samsung product is worthy of repairing or not? The option is simple, select a reliable service provider who is experienced in this business and can repair almost every brand of the mobile unit. Take your damaged device to the service provider and ask him for support. If the repair cost of the damaged mobile device is less and comes in your budget, then you can go for it. Otherwise, the market is open for your new hunt.