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Most Common Causes Why You Are Struggling With A Broken Phone

Today, it is all about using mobile devices to make life much easier and convenient. Almost everyone is hooked to one screen or another and there would be least number of people who can imagine their life without using a smartphone. For millennials, it is their first source of communication, entertainment, and various other things. […]

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Smart Ways to Preserve Your Phone Battery While Travelling

Our phones have become a vital part of our lives. We need it to stay connected with friends, get desired information, to capture things (especially when traveling). However, one would never appreciate low battery while traveling as there is so much to do. Just follow these ways to preserve your phone’s battery and enjoy your trip […]

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Top 5 Ways to transfer Files from Android to iPad?

Are you worried about transferring files from android to iPad? If yes, then here are few tips to make it possible. Email: This is actual cloud service and you can attach your files via mail and send anywhere to anyone for free.  Size of the file you want to attach may be a limiting factor […]

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