Buying Second-hand VS refurbished phones

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Buying Second-hand VS refurbished phones

These Days Smartphones are in demand, not because they look good, it just a fact you can do a lot with them. You are walking with a mini computer in your pocket. The things you can do with your mobile phones these days are incredible, like checking emails, playing games, calling free overseas or locally, using apps like facebook, tiktok, snap chat and many more you name it. Moreover, did I mention about the camera, nowadays the cameras in the mobile devices are going to the sky high, you get DSLR professional camera result with your small mobile telephone. These things come at a high price. There are a lot of people who will do anything to buy one of these, sadly it becomes a symbol of high society which everyone wants to be in, show off their lifestyle and gadgets.

There are three types of quality to choose from which is Brand new, Second-hand and refurbished devices. Indeed, brand new phones are way out of the pockets to most of us. The top features and high-quality brands like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and etc, you looking at spending thousands to buy these brand new phones. In contrast, the refurbished phones are much cheaper and affordable to the people with low income but there is a catch. The refurbished phones are not in their original states, they have been repaired before or to make them look brand new the back housing is been replaced with an aftermarket, which is not that reliable. Most of the time refurbished phones logic board is been repaired and the parts they use to fix is very low quality, that’s the reason they don’t last long. Avoid buying those phones at any cost, it will be a waste of your money if you buy those.

At another hand, the second-hand mobile phones are a bit more than the refurbished phones in the price terms but their quality is much better if we compare them. The second-hand mobile phones are just been used, which means everything is original and factory fitted. You don’t have to pay a fortune to buy one of that. At the Mobile Repair Factory, all of the phones are pre-owned and have been going through a full 100% functional test. We give a warranty with all our sales to our customers for their peace of mind. If you want to have a look at our stock please Used Phones.


  1. Tim

    This blog changed my mind. I will never gonna buy any refurbished phone.

  2. mobilerepair

    We are glad you like it. Cheers