Things to check when buy used mobile phones

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Things to check when buy used mobile phones

If you are thinking to buy used mobile phones. Either, you are buying iOs based device or Andriod based unit. There are a few things you have to check before buying those pre-owned mobile devices. First thing first, the condition of the mobile phone. If it is badly used phone don’t buy that, it might be repaired or may have some sort of lose connection inside the phone. Furthermore, give a close look to the screen if there is any yellow color on the LCD (display) or any dead pixels, spots any sort of or color, avoid buying those as well. You can check the LCD screen by going through different colors black, blue, grey and yellow, it will give you a clear vision of any sort of dead pixels or spots on it. Furthermore, check the battery status, these days pretty much all the smartphones give you the options to check the battery life in them. To check the battery status in iPhones go to settings then go to the battery and in battery health. You will see the battery percentage there if its more than 85% percent it’s not that bad.

The other important part is user information like any email IDs, passcode or photos. In iPhones always check if there is an iCloud ID signed in to it if there is ask the seller to remove it. If you buy that device with the ID on it, you won’t be able to log out from it later or add your own ID in it. If you are buying Samsung Galaxy devices, please make sure the google ID is been logged out. The other things to look for Samsung devices is the Knox security and Samsung store ID, they all must be removed before you buy it from the seller. Always make sure there is no user lock on the screen or mater of fact not any sort of encryption is activated when you are buying that device.

Moreover, is the functionality of the mobile phone device. Please give the close look to the camera, sometimes the camera result is bit blurry or has spots in the taken photos. To check the camera properly focus towards any white color object which will give you the clear vision of any sort of spots. Always check the camera with zoom in and out, sometimes this feature doesn’t work, if the camera is broken. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to put your sim card in it and check all the incoming and outgoing speaker. You can check those by calling someone and ask them the quality of the sound if it’s a crackly or muffled voice you have speakers problem. In addition, ask them to call you back, that will check your ringer of the phone as well.

It is always better to avoid buying phones online because when you buy a phone from someone on the street and you have a problem with it, you don’t have anywhere to go to. You will end up spending a bit of extra cash to fix the problem with your used mobile phone. Always buy a used phone from a reputable company. We at Mobile Repair Factory, all used mobile phones are strictly been tested with all sort of encryptions and functional test. You can visit our used mobile phones in Sydney to see which mobile phone device you are after.

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