List of DIYs Hacks for Removing Mobile Screens Scratches

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10 years back this topic would have seemed worthless. Back then if you even throw a Nokia hard at the floor, there would have been minimal damages to the handset, and even lesser to the tough screen used then. With the advent of technology, the mobile phones started to use larger and delicate screens, to bring the users close to a all display solution and brighter more realistic colors. The shift from the TFT setup to the touch setup also made a new issue pop up, which is the screen scratches and damages. Though, most of the mobile phone companies are now using the Gorilla Glass Display and other hardened screen technologies, but there still stands the bleakest of chances that the screen might get damaged. So, here is a List of DIYs Hacks for Removing Mobile Screens Scratches.

DIYs Hacks for Removing Mobile Screens Scratches


This may sound weird but car products have actually turned out to be very beneficial in eliminating the small scratches from the surface of the mobile screens. These products mostly include the waxes that are used for car headlamp lens cleansing. These waxes fill up the scratches, by fitting in the cracks. The waxes, being transparent because of the thin coat that they provide don’t hinder the screen visibility. Another aspect of the using the wax which is beneficial is the fact that the screen of the phone shines as it is brand new.

Eraser is scratch reducer

Believe it or not the erasers that we used as a kid in our school days also act as a great scratch reducer material. It is not necessary to buy some special eraser for the process, a normal white eraser will do the job, even the one’s that are stuck to the back of the pencils. These erasers when rubbed on the phone screen soften and fill in the gap which created the scratches. The only point that has to be considered while rubbing the eraser on the scratched screen is that the eraser has to be rubbed with a soft hand; a hard press might damage the screen.


Mobile Phone Screen Scratches

These Magic Erasers are different from the contemporary erasers that we use. While the erasers we use to erase pencil is made of rubber these magic erasers are made up of melamine foam filled with a cleaning agent. The product is not that expensive and can be made at home. Magic Erasers are mostly used clean anything, but it has been found that the product is very effective when it comes to elimination the mobile phone screen scratches. The product is easily available and save quite a money when compared to a standard process of screen replacement.


Baking Soda helps to reduce scratches

Another surprising entry to the list is the use of Baking Soda. The product is available on the kitchen shelves of almost every household. While normally the product is used to bake fluffy and spongy cakes and pies, it can also be a hack to eliminate phone screen scratches. Mix some baking Soda with a little bit of water to make a thick paste of the two. When done, in circular motion apply the paste on the mobile phone screen. Rub the paste on the screen for some time. Now, wipe the extra paste on the screen with a clean cloth and voila!! The scratches would be gone. 

So, here is a List of DIYs Hacks for Removing Mobile Screens Scratches. The materials and items required to eliminate the scratches from the screen of the phone are mostly available at your homes. All you need to know is how to use them so that your phone screen looks good as new.