6 Most Common Myths about Phone Repair to Know About

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If you own a Smartphone then it is likely that you may need to get it repaired. But when it comes to repairs, a lot of us have wrong notions about smartphones and this may sometimes prevent us from taking the right step.

Uncooked rice can fix a water damaged phone

You must have often heard that keeping your phone submerged in uncooked rice overnight fixes your water damaged phone. Some believe that the rice absorbs the water from the phone and brings your phone back to normal. However, this isn’t the case; the rice may absorb the water to some extent but does not prevent the motherboard from corrosion. Keeping, your phone submerged in unbaked rice can damage your device. The sugar and starch in rice leave behind remnants that can speed up corrosion in the motherboard.

All Smartphone repairs take a long time

One of the simple Smartphone repair myths that people believe is that all Smartphone repairs take a really long time. This is why they are hesitant to give the Smartphone for repair work. However, this is not always true. In the case of screen changing, malfunctioning buttons, etc., the repair may not take much time at all. Most repairs just take a few hours and you can get your phone back in a day or two.

One of the common Smartphone repair myths is that repairs are always expensive

Lots of people have this misconception that most Smartphone repairs are very expensive. This prevents them from giving their phone for repair. But if you contact a trusted and authorized dealer for repairs, then the repair cost will be very justified and not expensive at all. It is better to do proper research about repair costs to prevent extra expenditures.

After the smartphone repair, the phone is not the same anymore 

This is the most common myth which almost every single person thought after repairing their phone. This statement is completely wrong. It doesn’t mean that after repair your phone functions change but yes you will get good results only if you opt for a good company or repair center for your phone. If your technicians are very well experienced and your repair company is good then your phone will remain the same as you want.

The smartphones replaced parts are always thick

Mostly peoples believe that the parts replaced during the process are always fake, the companies or technicians never use original parts that’s why the phone won’t remain the same. Yes in some cases this is true but not in all because it is always advised to go for trusted repair centers when there is a need for replacing the phone parts. Always choose authorized trusted repair centers to repair your mobile phone.

The cracked screen only affect the look of your mobile phone

This is not true, the shattered screen of your mobile phone makes it difficult to use your phone properly. But with passing time they cause various other internal issues with your phone. If you left your phone unfixed you need to face several issues such as discoloration, dark spots, dead spots, etc. So it is advised to take your phone to the technician before it’s too late.

Make sure you remember these points the next time your phone needs any kind of repair or service.