Top 5 Ways to transfer Files from Android to iPad?

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Are you worried about transferring files from android to iPad? If yes, then here are few tips to make it possible.

  • Email:

This is actual cloud service and you can attach your files via mail and send anywhere to anyone for free.  Size of the file you want to attach may be a limiting factor as it allows between 15-25 MB. Sending larger files may be a bit tricky and you may look elsewhere to share. Apart from it, some people do not prefer this option when it comes to share sensitive information or client informatics with others.

You can use email in order to share files without any hassle.  This can be the simplest way to share items. This is effective only when you know the email address of person with whom you want to share files. You just need to have internet access and you can share easily. However, you cannot share large files, but it can be possible in small files.

  • An online storage service:

The iCloud Drive made by Apple can prove quite effective when it comes to file sharing. You can also use go with Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive, Egnyte and SugarSync and more. You just need to create an account in order to use such file sharing services. You can upload files to your file storage services and share these files with other platforms. You may send a link to that file too.

  • Use app:

Apart from email, there are various other ways to share files between android and iOS devices. You can use cross platform apps like Feem, Shareit, Zapya, FileTransfer, Instashare and more.If you want to share files even if you are offline, the  Shareit can be the best option. You just need to open it and select the files you want to share and send it to the device you want to. Feem can also be a wonderful app. Both device must install and run Feem to share files.

  • A Wireless Storage Solution:
    Wireless storage

Some prefer SanDisk Connect USB stick with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver to share files. It works with an app on your android or iOS device and makes file sharing easier. It can act as a middle manager when it comes to share files. Uploading to USB stick from one device and downloading files from other device or platform make sharing fast. Sharing files with multiple devices simultaneously will be possible with this stick.

You can also use iTunes to share. You can use it as it is easy to fix. You just need to plug in your iPad through USB into iTunes and similarly android device and you can use it like a mass storage device. It just requires drag and drops the files you wish to share.

  • Leawo iTransfer:

You must have heard about this desktop application for windows. It can allow for full transfer functionality. You just need to drag and drop files between iOS, Android and desktop. You need not to worry about Bluetooth or any wireless networks. This is simply associated with simple file transfer process including plug, play and share files between the platforms.

These are some easy ways to share files between Android and iPad, so try them and make the most of sharing.

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