Few Common Battery Issues in i-Phone 11 PRO

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The revolution in the mobile phone marked was brought by Apple, when Steve Jobs launched the very first i-phone. After that the company was known for the innovation they had done in the smart phone industry. Apple after successfully launching the i-phone, became the first company to bring a double camera setup at the rear with there i-phone 7+, and then changed the marked again with the first notched display phone the i-phone X. The mobile phone manufacturer since then has surged ahead in the market, but had faced many taunts about the battery life of their smart phones. While the competition like Samsung and One-Plus focused on their phone’s battery life by providing huge 4000mAh batteries, the i-phone still didn’t consider battery as an issue until the latest and the biggest i-phone by apple appeared in the market. The i-phone 11 PRO. The battery was a boost when compared to it’s predecessor the i-phone X, a cheaper and less loaded version of the I phone 11 pro max. The i-phone 11 pro has a battery on 300mAh a 200mAh more than it’s predecessor, which allowed it to stand a bit aplomb with the competition around. But then the i-phone 11 Pro had hit a roadblock, and the issue was again with the batters. So, here are a few issues in the i-phone 11 Pro battery.

  • Battery Drain:

Battery drain issue with i-phone

Recently it was reported that there was a battery drain issue with the latest i-phone 11 Pro Max. Users had reported that the battery drained faster than usual. When the problem was looked into it was found that when people were using their mobile phone camera, the battery used to drain 30-50% faster than the draining rate during normal use. This problem was then attributed to the recent update that apple had pulled up, the iOs 13.1.3. On conducting a research it was found that most of these battery draining issues have been reported by people who in the past few days had updated there phone with this latest version of the iOs.

  • Wireless Charging:

Wireless charging

Apple introduces the wireless charging with their i-phone X. the legacy of wireless charging has then come to the i-phone 11 Pro. The issue with the wireless charging the i-phone 11 pro is that it doesn’t support fast charging and only comes with a 7.5W charger. While the competition like Samsung has already developed and launched the wireless fast charge, the I-phone 11 pro lags in the department.

  • Small Battery:

IPhone 11 pro max

When you have a big screen and two great cameras on your device, it becomes important that the device has a big battery to support the phone. With a small battery pack of 3000mAh, the i-phone 11 pro is good but for the price you pay and the competition that resides around the phone at the same price range will always make you feel that apple could have done better with the battery capacity. A battery of 4000mAh gives the people the confidence during travel that the phone can last over longer periods of time and that they will not have to run to find charging pods and stations to keep their phone alive.

So, here are few common battery issues that one might face with the i-phone 11 pro. The phone packs a punch with its performance and quality, but when we talk about the battery capacity and the battery life, the phone lags behind with respect to the competition it faces around from the Samsungs and the One Plus Devices.