Home Button Not Working on Your iPhone? The 5 best quick fixes?

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Home Button Not Working on Your iPhone? The 5 best quick fixes?

Until your iPhone’s Home button stops functioning, it’s simple to forget how frequently you use it. Your home button might not always function properly or could function sometimes. However, there is some good news: Many Home button problems may be resolved at home. In this post, we’ll explain why your iPhone’s Home button isn’t functioning, how to utilise AssistiveTouch as a workaround, and, if you’re unable to fix the problem on your own, how to have it fixed.

  • Add a display Assistive Touch home button:

On your iPhone, several accessibility options are hidden. When the Home button on your iPhone stops functioning, one of these is the ideal solution to allow you to continue using it. Assistive Touch is what it’s called, and Apple created it with folks who have trouble using physical buttons in mind.

iPhone’s screen Repair

iPhone’s screen Repair

Assistive Touch is a feature that lets you add a software-based Home button to your iPhone’s screen. You may enable it from the Settings menu. You can still use your iPhone even without a functional Home button thanks to it, but it doesn’t fix your Home button.

  • When pressing the home button, use your charger:

A flimsy wire located next to the charging port links the Home button to other parts of your iPhone. Apparently since doing so rejoined the wire, some folks have reported success with fixing their Home button by lightly pressing this region.

When attempting this, you must, of course, use extreme caution. Anything within your iPhone should be protected from damage. Additionally, you need to be careful not to break the Lightning or 30-pin connector within the charging port, since doing so might be very difficult.

  • The Home Button should be “recalibrated.”

Since this is not an official term, we have inserted quotation marks around the word “recalibrate.” Despite the lack of a clear source for this tip, it has been demonstrated to be successful at fixing broken iPhone Home buttons for any reason.

Open any pre-installed applications on your smartphone. Opening Notes, Calendars, Reminders, or Photos are a few examples. The Slide to power off prompt will now show on your iPhone. Press and hold the Top or Side button now. Try holding both Volume buttons simultaneously if nothing occurs. Do not turn off your iPhone. As an alternative, hold down the Home button for around 10 seconds until the prompt vanishes and the programme closes.

  • On your iPhone, restore the firmware:

The fastest solution to get your iPhone’s Home button working is probably not this one, but it isn’t that quick either. A software or firmware issue with your iPhone is typically to blame when the Home button stops functioning. By utilizing DFU mode to restore the device, you may resolve these problems for nothing. This completely deletes all of the info on your iPhone. Determining that you have a recent iPhone backup is therefore the first step. Additionally, you must allot at least one hour. DFU mode restores your device and rewrites all of the software and firmware.

  • Isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean the home button:

Throughout the lifespan of your iPhone, you’ll probably use the Home button, which means that dirt and grime will eventually accumulate on it. The Home button may have ceased functioning because of a blockage caused by the dirt in the mechanism. Sadly, because the iPhone 7, iPhone SE, and subsequent models lack a mechanical Home button, this trick is useless if your device’s Home button isn’t functioning.

If these ideas and techniques do not work, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a specialist. They will be able to identify the cause of the problem and provide the finest remedies. Mobile Repair Factory will go above and beyond to provide a flawless and trustworthy servicing experience.

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