Fixing Your Phone’s Broken Glass: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The most common mishap for smartphone owners is a cracked or shattered screen. The good news is that you may be able to fix a broken glass screen yourself with a bit of patience and the right tools. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of repairing the broken glass on your smartphone. The purposes of this guide are informational, and if you are uncomfortable with the repair process, it is best to seek professional assistance.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

Gather the following tools and materials before starting the repair:

  1. Replacement screen (make sure it’s compatible with your phone model)
  2. Small screwdriver set
  3. Plastic or metal spudger
  4. Heat gun or hairdryer
  5. Tweezers
  6. Adhesive tape or glue
  7. Work surface with good lighting
  8. Anti-static wrist strap (optional but recommended)

Safety Precautions

  1. Take your phone off the charger and remove any cables or accessories attached to it.
  2. Ensure that you are working in a clean, well-lit area in order to avoid losing small screws or damaging components.
  3. The wrist strap should be connected to your wrist and a grounded object in order to prevent static discharge.

Step 1: Disassemble Your Phone

  1. Take off the back cover (if applicable) and remove the battery if it is removable.
  2. Remove the screws holding the phone’s casing together using the small screwdriver. Keep the screws in a safe place until you are ready to reassemble it.
  3. The front and back parts of the phone should be separated using a plastic or metal spudger. Take care not to damage the internal components of the phone during this process.

Step 2: Remove the Broken Glass

  1. Heat the edges of the broken glass with a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive.
  2. The spudger can be used to gently pry off the broken glass. Take your time and be patient to prevent damaging the LCD underneath.
  3. Ensure that all remaining glass shards or adhesive residue have been removed from the phone.

Step 3: Replace the Glass

  1. The LCD should be cleaned thoroughly with a microfiber cloth so as to remove any dust or smudges.
  2. Assuring that the replacement glass is correctly positioned in relation to the phone’s frame, carefully align it.
  3. The glass should adhere to the frame of the phone if you press it gently into place.

Step 4: Reassemble Your Phone

  1. Make sure that the screws are securely fastened but should not be overtightened.
  2. If your phone has a back cover, snap it back into place.
  3. Reinsert the battery (if removable).

Step 5: Test Your Phone

  1. Power on your phone to ensure the new screen is functioning correctly.
  2. The touch screen and display should be checked for any issues. If you encounter any issues, revisit the installation to confirm that everything has been connected properly.

Step 6: Apply adhesive (if necessary)

  1. It may be necessary to apply adhesive tape or glue to secure the screen. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Step 7: Final Inspection

  1. You should inspect your phone after ensuring that it is working correctly to ensure that there are no gaps, misalignments, or dust particles between the glass and LCD.
  2. Wipe the screen clean one last time to ensure it’s free of any smudges or dust.


Mobile Repair Factory offers DIY solutions for repairing broken glass screens on your phone that are both cost-effective and satisfying. You can, however, seek professional assistance if you are uncomfortable with the process to avoid further damage or voiding your warranty in Australia. Take your time with the repair, as it can result in further problems if you hurry. Take your time and be patient. Ensure that you work in a clean, well-lit environment and follow safety precautions to prevent any static discharge or damage to your device. By using the right tools and materials, you can reinvent your phone without breaking the bank.