6 smartphones may be worth more than you think in 2022

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With each year that passes by the smartphone industry takes a big frog leap into the future. Each year brings to us the customers better phones with better features and workability. As the market becomes competitive so does the pricing and the feature package of the phones. So, when you go and buy a phone there are many aspects that we look onto before finally choosing the best package for us. So, what are the best phones which are worth more than what you think they are? Here are 6 smartphones that may be worth more than you think in 2022.

Worth Buying Smartphones

1-    Nokia G10

Nokia is one of the most trustworthy companies when it comes to smartphones and the electronic market. The Nokia G10 is one such phone which is low on pricing but high on expectations.  The phone comes with regular android updates and a 3-year warranty. With Android One, A USB-C port, and a 720p display the phone is a great value for money and does justice to price and expectations.

2-    Apple iPhone SE

Apple has moved on from the iPhone 12 to the 13 series. The iPhone 13 series is very expensive and costs a fortune when it comes to buying them. An alternative to this is the iPhone SE series. The series gives a full Apple experience and also is cost-effective. With Touch ID, a 4.7-inch screen, and A13 Bionic chip, the SE series is a very apple experience at a low cost.

3-    Oppo Find X3 Pro

One of the better phones which are available in the market the Oppo Find X3 pro is one of the most beautifully designed smartphones. The Oppo Find X3 comes packed with a beautiful screen and a good camera package. Oppo is cheaper than the Apple and the Samsung series but delivers the same output.


4-    Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

It will be very surprising that people who are interested in the smartphone industry will not be knowing about Xiaomi. The brand comes with phones which are high on technology and low on price. The Mi 11 ultra comes with one of the best cameras in a smartphone. It also houses a small mini display at the back in the camera hump which can be used for notification display and other features.

5-    Apple iPhone 13 pro max

The best in the Apple series and the latest, the Apple iPhone 13 pro max is the best smartphone in the world when it comes to screen and camera video performance. The phone is very powerful and can easily fulfill your daily needs.


6-    Samsung s21 Ultra

The direct competitor to Apple, the Samsung s21 ultra is a feature-rich smartphone, with exceptional specifications and a very good camera. If you don’t want to switch to ios then the Samsung’s s21 ultra is the best choice.

These are the 6 smartphones that may be worth more than you think in 2022.