5 things to know about Apple Vs Right to Repair

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5 things to know about Apple Vs Right to Repair

Apple the technology giant is known for its great products. They had brought the initial revolution in the smartphone industry with the iPhone. Apple has been known for its shrewd marketing and advanced products. The products are designed very confidentially and hence Apple tries to maintain the same even when the products that are in the market. In the recent past though Apple has faced much criticism upon its initial verdict against the right to repair. So, what is the right to repair, and what does Apple have to do with it? Here are 5 things to know about Apple Vs Right to Repair.

Things You Must Know About Apple

1-    Right to Repair

The right to repair legislation allows the end consumer (the one who finally buys the product) to repair and modify the product on his or her own. The legislation also allows these people to choose the technician of their choice. The issue though is that there can be seen a big difference in the way a local technician fixes a phone and how a store professional does. And this is where the main objective of the right to repair comes in.

2-    The information

The right to repair act not only makes the amendment that the end-user should be able to do repairs but also gives the consumers the added lawsuit that the people can now interact directly with the manufacturer regarding the information required by them to fix their electronic equipment. This makes the manufacturers or the OEM liable for providing and sending spare parts and information brochures to the customer in case the customer wants to fix the phone by himself or through a local technician.


3-    The Apple Stand

Apple is a very influential company in the world market. Any decision which is made by Apple will surely and certainly move the market. Apple was initially against the right to repair act, as it allowed the people to access the specific tool and critical information regarding the product. This for apple was a breach of security and hence apple didn’t want to get in the whole charade of losing their information, and hence in the initial days, Apple was strictly against the right to repair.

4-    What Now?

Apple has now given up against the right to repair act but not fully, Apple has stated that it will now provide the people with limited services. These limited services will be the replacement of the battery, changing the screen.


5-    What all is covered

According to the official statement of the organization (Apple), the company will start providing the information for their iPhone 12 and 13 models, and the mac book M1 in the initial stages.
The right to repair is an act that enables the customers to be very enabled to repair their phones. This will also allow for some genuine local repair shops to come up. The right to repair will also eliminate global electronic waste.

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