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A steep fall has been observed in the global market of iPhones in the last quarter, according to the primary research companies. The refurbished and used market is gaining popularity at a surprising rate. Apple closely holds 75 percent of the second-hand market, leading by a significant margin.

Used iPhone

With time mobile phones have become so ubiquitous that everyone has one. Therefore there are different levels of mobile phones in the market- From the latest apple devices over $1000 to the local and refurbished prepaid phone under the cost of $100—year by year the explosive growth of new mobile devices of all prices enhanced-until recently. According to the emerging trend, as mobile technology matures, sales of new unit decline. This, however, increases the growth of the second-hand market. This is the time of the year when the entire market is full of different types of used iPhones that are technically viable and with minor edit is ready for the resale. However, during this process, the diagnostic issues and previous owner data is addressed.

What is the possible reason behind the growth of the second-hand iPhone?

A Marketing Research forecast that in the coming time, the second-hand market is going to reach 39 billion dollars in the global revenue. This recent report estimates that the global used iPhone market and refurbished market will expand by 9 percent from the year 2017 to 2025. Even apple also said that the sale of used and refurbished mobile in the consumer-owned and company-owned market would collectively account for the million units by the end of the year 2025. This is the number that worth paying attention to.

Price driven behaviour

The affordability of the refurbished and used devices, especially in the context of the cost of the new device, supports the growth of the used iPhone market. This somehow has created a gap in the mid that second-hand devices barring issues with repair and erasure can help in filling.

Longer lifecycles of iPhones

Gone are the days where buyers feel the need to purchase a new phone every one or two years. Though the most common reason behind changing the phone is it stops working. These days’ consumers are too slow in upgrading their devices and leading to the longer lifecycles but also translate the lower cost of ownership over the cost of the life of the phone when purchasing the used one. On average, the upgrade cycle of smart phones in Australia is one year.  Even 10% percent of iPhone used in the year 2016 is still in use in 2020 either by second or third owner.

The online store is a great solution

Mobile Online Store

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