Ways to Fix Your Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus Microphone

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When it comes to buying a smartphone, a large number of buyers’ first preference is Apple. The phonemaker has given world some awe-inspiring technological advancements and convenient usage. However, there have been many complaints regarding the Apple iPhone 7 Plus microphone. Users have reported that it doesn’t work properly and many said that the issue came after installing an iOS update. Users witness static sound, audio cut offs during phone calls, sound not being audible and sometimes no sound or audio is produced at all. Undoubtedly, problems are there but how it can be fixed is what we aim to focus on. Let’s take a look at some of the potential solutions and recommended workarounds to deal with this microphone/audio issue.

Perform A Series Of Test On The Iphone’s Microphone

There are strong chances that the problem can be isolated to the audio file or an app that you are trying to use rather than issue in the microphone itself. If you are witnessing audio cut off or static sound, try calling at another time as these symptoms are easily triggered by network issues and not because of the microphone itself. To be certain, you can perform a series of test on your iPhone’s microphone and see if they’re all working just fine:

  • Start by opening Voice Memos app and then tap on Record icon.
  • Now, speak into the microphone to record your voice.
  • After recording, play back the recording by tapping the Play icon.

If you hear your voice clearly, this means that the microphone is working fine. If not, there’s something wrong with it and needs to be checked on the microphone or audio system.

While on phone, make sure that there is nothing that is blocking the iPhone receiver, especially when using speakerphone during the call. If it is blocked in any way, your voice will sound faint on the other end.

Remove Any Third-Party Casing Or Accessories.

Another thing that can be causing problems with your iPhone microphone is third party casing and accessories. Try removing them and check the microphone to see the difference on the sound quality with and without them. The accessories include screen protectors, films, or cases that can possibly cover the microphone, iSight mic or iPhone receiver and thereby resulted to poor quality audio or no sound at all.

Perform A Soft Reset Or Reboot Your Iphone 7 Plus

You might have tried this once but give it another try. Sometimes there are minor software glitches that can cause inflict pertinent audio symptoms when using the iPhone’s microphone system. However, they can be easily rectified by performing a reboot or soft reset on the device. If you still face the issue, try rebooting the device again. Give it three tries and see whether or not the problem persists.

Update iOS To The Latest Version Available

If a problem is triggered by a software bug, an iOS update can potentially fix the problem. So, if you haven’t updated your iPhone iOS to the latest version, then it is time to do so and say goodbye to any persisting issues. You can check for available software updates on your iPhone 7 Plus, go to Settings-> General-> Software Update.

If an update is available, proceed by taping on the download and install and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update installation process.