Repairing a mobile device is a better option than buying the new one

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There is nothing worse than needing professional repair services for your mobile device. Depending upon on the type and amount of the damage, this process can become pretty pricey. However, repairing a broken mobile phone is cheaper in many ways than buying a new one.

Here we are sharing a few reasons why repairing a broken phone turned out to be a reasonable deal, so have a look:-

Cost-Efficiency: – With an exception of the phone being exploded into different pieces, repairing your device is more affordable than buying a new device. Typically a repair can cost in between $50 -$130, while the MRP of new devices ranges between $200- $1000. So if you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to extend the quality/life of your device then you should consider repair option. You should also consider this option whether your upgrade is truly an upgrade. If you are among those people who love to have the newest and shiniest device in their hand then instead of investing your hard-earned money on it you have to analyze whether the new features are worth of your extra cash or not.

Peace of Your Mind: – Mobile Repair Factory and some similar repair companies offer warranties on repairs and also on the devices themselves. Protection and warranty service make you free from the worry of a cracked screen or any other damage related to the display. It is used to be a rare scenario where phone providers ensure your device but now it has become more and more common to protect your device from the third party insurance company. Here at Mobile Repair Factory, we cover unlimited repairs on used, new, unlocked and Jailbroken devices.

Mobile repair save your precious time: –

You must be surprised to find that in the majority of cases, repair time is significantly shorter than set up time. Repairs can be done while you wait, whereas you need to have a good chunk of time to prepare yourself for the purchase of a new device. Consider the time, when you need to discuss phone options, data transfers, and plans, you are banking at least for an hour to get your device ready to use. Aside from that if you are on a time crunch then you can’t be away from your device for too long then repair route is just right for you.

Best for families: – If technology is used appropriately then it can be used for entertaining and educational purpose for your children. But we won’t blame you if you find it impossible to buy the newest iPad for your toddler to play. In that case, repair old devices to give it as hand down to your friend or child.

Usability: – Do you even know only 23% of people continue tolerating cracked screen even after they have cut their finger on it? People generally misjudge how expensive your phone repair can be, therefore end up using broken devices for much longer than they need to. In spite of enduring a broken screen of quickly draining battery determine how much the repair cost, so that you can enjoy your phone again.