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Samsung S8 Screen with LCD and Frame


This Samsung S8 screen is original and comes with the frame and speaker.


This repair will fix any broken screen or any touch problem with the screen. This repair can be done while you wait.

Samsung S8 Screen with LCD and Frame

Our MRF is one of the reputed mobile repair factories in Sydney. Our superior service draws customers to our factory. The skilled technicians will fix any smartphone issues within minutes. If you have broken your Samsung S8 screen, you can come to our mobile repair factory hoping for a better samusung galaxy S8 screen replacement service.

If you get this Samsung S8 screen replacement done by us, we will replace your smartphone screen with an original Samsung screen that comes with a frame and speaker. This repair will be able to fix any cracked screen, touch screen issues with your finger. You will have to wait a while till the mobile repair work is completed. But not much time. You only have to wait 40/50 minutes.

Our mobile repair service charge is reasonable. We provide any mobile repair services of any smartphone brand at affordable rates. Samsung S8 screen repair is done at our reputed mobile repair factory for just $289.99.

Furthermore, you will get top-rated iPhone and iPad components at reasonable prices. The iPhone 4s Home button is available here for $39.99. Likewise, the iPhone SE Version 1 Front Screen/ Glass is available for $69.99, while the iPad 4 Broken Screen is available for only $79.99.

Samsung S8 Screen with LCD and Frame

Samsung S8 Screen is original which comes with a frame and speaker. If your Samsung S8 screen is cracked, you may come to our MRF mobile repair factory. We will fix your smartphone right in front of you—no need to wait a long or drop your smartphone at our factory. Our technicians are experts enough to solve your smartphone issues fast.

Samsung S8 screen repair can fix any broken screen of the smartphone. Also, it can fix touch screen issues with your finger. We will finish the repair work in 40/50 minutes. We won’t make you wait long. Furthermore, we take care of the convenience of the customers visiting our factory.

Hence, if you notice any problem with your favorite Samsung S8, don’t waste your valuable time searching for a better mobile repair factory in Sydney, and immediately come to our shop with your smartphone. You will be pleased with our excellent service.

We replace Samsung S8 glass when one’s smartphone’s glass is broken. But, there is nothing to worry about. If the glass on your smartphone is completely broken, we will replace it with a new original Samsung glass. This replacement won’t impact any function of the smartphone.

We charge a very reasonable price for our mobile repair prices, which are generally affordable to our customers. We do Samsung S8 screen repair for only $289.99.


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