If your iPhone 6S Plus stopped charging or you have to hold the charger in certain angel this repair is for you. We will replace it with the new charging port flex. This repair can be done on the spot.


iPhone Charging Port Replacement

We handle iPhone charging port replacement requirements, including for older models such as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. After diagnosing that the issue is with the charging port and not with anything else, our team would immediately switch off the device and remove the damaged charging port from iPhone 6s Plus. A genuine iPhone 6s Plus charging port is added, and the device is appropriately sealed. A final check is performed before the service is marked complete and the iPhone 6s Plus is released to the owner.

Our expert team would take only minutes to complete this process. If any other damage is found inside the device, you will be immediately informed and consulted regarding the next step. Our repair service and parts come with a 60-day warranty. Now, connect with us for quick assistance. a


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