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The mobile phones in the contemporary world are most important devices that not only are a source of saving huge data and a mode of contact, but it serves a great many services and has won the dependency of the individual on it like anything. From relaxation to necessity, mobile phones serve all. Hence any malfunction or problem in the phone shakes up the entire world.

Here are some myths and facts about mobile repair:

Repairing a cell phone is costly-

The maximum individual thinks that if they would require their cell phones to be fixed, they will have to pay quite a sum of money. However, not everyone is a fleece. One should go to the store and centres that are certified for getting repaired at the right cost. Cost depends on the type of damage. You cannot believe in the myth that mobile repairing is a costly affair.

Water Damaged Phones can be fixed with rice:

This is just a myth. Rice does have an affiliation to blot water as well as moisture, but it receives the water that is on the outside. It is best to open the battery, soak the water with a blotting paper and dry it and try to switch on the mobile. If it still does not work the safest hand to submit is the service centre person. It can cost you a lot so better know the facts and work accordingly as it is all about your expensive phone.

Parts replaced are not always genuine:

Another typical misconception related to mobile phone repairs is that the pieces that get compensated while the parts are always fake and hence the phone won’t remain the same. This might be true in case you get the repairs done from a source that cannot be trusted but not if you go to the authorized dealer. Some mobile repair company also offers a warranty on the replaced parts.

Every phone can be easily repaired-

Some people think that any handset can be easily repaired. Any manmade machine has shelf life after which it will falter. This also indicates to mobile phones as they come to a stage when the handset has to be rejected. It is better to look for another set after that time as it will in a broader sense by less costly as there is no frequent repairing cost.

Most people believe that repaired mobiles lose all previous information:

However this is not true. This case does not arise when the repair is hardware related but it might occur if particular software is changed. As a solution the best is to take a backup storage before you handover mobile for repair to the service centre.

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