List of Things to do Before Handing an Android Phone for Repair

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Our day to activities revolve around our smartphones and we cannot imagine even a day without using them. Nowadays, with the development of smartphone technology, you can make several day to day activities very easy and hassle-free.

It can be used for simple tasks like clicking pictures, making phone calls, sending messages and alerts and for also some complicated tasks like creating a presentation, managing your business, etc.

Out of all the available smartphones in the market, the ones that have a set of superior features available at a reasonable rate are the Android phones. Although Android phones are great in functionality, from time to time you may experience some glitches on the phone.

These glitches may be due to software or even hardware problems. No matter what the issue is, the best way to deal with it would be to approach a service center. Before handing over your Android phone for repairs, here a few things that you need to take care of.

  1. Create a backup of the data stored on your phone

Mobile data backup

There is a lot of important data that we store in our smartphones. This data may include confidential details like information about your account, important business emails, pictures, etc. during a repair process, the technician at the service center may perform several repair operations that may lead to the loss of such important data.

This is why it is important that you create a backup of all the data stored on your phone prior to submitting it at the service center for repairs. You can use Google Drive to create and store your data backup.

  1. Take out your SIM card

When you give your phone to the service station, it may fall into the wrong hands and this may be a cause for concern as they may misuse it. In order to avoid such a scenario, make sure that you take out the SIM card before you give your phone for repair.

  1. Remove the lock for security

Phone security lock

You also will have to remove the security lock of your phone like the unlock PIN, pattern, fingerprint authentication, etc. The technicians working to repair your phone may need to check the functioning of your phone frequently and removing these restrictions can make it easier for them to do this.

  1. Remove the memory card

If you are using an external memory card, make sure to remove the memory card before you submit your phone for repairs. You will have several media files stored on it and it is better to keep it away from getting lost or misused.

  1. Perform a factory reset

Once you have performed all the above steps, perform a factory reset on your phone to remove all the data that you have stored on it. This will restore your phone back to its original factory settings and avoid a scenario wherein your important data lands in the wrong hands.

Once you have taken care of all the above points, go to a certified service center and tell them the issues you are facing with your smartphone as clearly as possible. Mentioning and disclosing all the problems with your phone can make it easier for a technician to fix your phone at the earliest.

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