Having Screen Cracks? A Broken Phone Screen: 8 Solutions

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Having Screen Cracks? A Broken Phone Screen: 8 Solutions

Your phone’s screen has been broken. What will you do next, then? Here are some actions to do as soon as your phone’s screen cracks.

Is a Cracked Phone Screen Covered by Insurance?

The first step is to determine whether and under what circumstances your phone insurance policy covers damaged phone displays. The issues with cracked smartphone screens arise when it turns out that your insurance does not cover a replacement screen.

Use an old phone instead of the phone with the cracked screen

You still require a phone despite your broken phone’s screen. What can you do, then? A good alternative, then, is to simply use an old phone.

Even if you don’t have access to an old phone, a friend or family member probably has. Until you decide what to do with your phone and its cracked screen, just ask, and you’ll have a convenient substitute.

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A cracked screen should have a screen protector

Are you unsure if a screen protector can be applied to a cracked screen? Although you can, you should only do this in specific situations.

A screen protector is useless for screens with chips and missing or loose pieces of glass. However, where the break is small, covering a damaged screen with a screen protector may prevent future glass cracking.

Fixing a Broken Phone Screen

You may have learned by this point that you don’t actually require a new phone. But if the screen of your mobile phone cracked, how would you go about replacing it?

The likelihood is that you can find a DIY cure for anything online thanks to the internet. It’s important to remember that you could make a mistake if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and abilities.

Pay for the repair of a phone’s cracked screen

If you’re unsure about DIY, hiring someone else to do it might be a better option.

Now, you must be thinking about how much does a phone screen replacement cost?

You can definitely try a nearby phone repair business; a Google search will show you where to find one and provide testimonials. A knowledgeable technician can replace a screen rather fast, even though you’ll likely be charged by the hour.

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Cracked Screen Repair

Purchase a New Phone by Selling Your Old One

Many websites will pay for a broken phone and even buy one that is cracked. You most likely won’t get much money for it, but you can use that money to get a new phone.

When you have the money, look for a replacement at the most well-liked online retailers on the internet. You can even come across the same phone that has been used but is still in decent condition.

Broken phone screen? Just purchase a new mobile phone!

The most obvious choice is, of course, to buy a new phone. Sometimes you just have to give up and get a new device for your broken one.

It may hurt to spend that much money, for sure. However, it can still be less expensive than purchasing a replacement and updating it a few months later.

Simply accept your broken phone’s screen

Not enough money? Not a fan of making your own repairs or paying for them?

Why not just keep using your phone if it still functions and the screen doesn’t seem to be at any risk of collapsing completely? Yes, it will initially irritate you to look at, but you’ll get used to it.

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