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iPad Battery Replacement Finding

iPad Battery Replacement Finding

The good thing about our mobile devices is they have internal batteries. We don’t have to stick to the one power socket wall to use them or to carry extra weight like power banks or external batteries. The batteries durability depends on the AMPS of the batteries, for example, the latest iPad battery Amps is 11,666 mAh and of course the power which goes into the logic board. These days all the manufacturing companies are trying to cut down on these heavy loaded processors which takes a lot of power to operate. In consequence, we get longer operational hours and better battery life but still, everything has a life so do your batteries. The big question is how can you make your battery last longer than usual? and when does it need replacing? How can you tell you need a new battery?

The battery life of your phones and tablets depends on how you charge them. What charger do you use to charge them? How do you charge them? Normally the battery life on your smartphones is minimum 2 years and if you charge them properly they can go up to 4 to 5 years easy. To make your iPad battery last longer always make sure you charge the battery fully and do not overcharge it. In addition, always make sure the battery is less than 20% when you plug into the charger and when it is 100% unplug it. Do not overcharge by leaving your iPad device overnight which will overcharge the battery cells and will decrease your battery life significantly. The second big factor is the original charger and charging cable. Most consumers don’t realize to charge the iPad batteries which are heavier in supply than small smartphones take more power to charge, they use small power charger to charge the iPad devices. Which can kill your beloved iPad device battery in no time. Always make sure you use a proper original power supply to charge the battery. If you are using replacement charger make sure use 2 amp power supply to charge it.

The cheap quality cable can damage your battery and also the logic board as well. When you are buying the lightning cable for your device always make sure don’t buy the cheap quality ones. You can buy the original which is a bit expensive but it can save you for the hassle and spending extra dollars when it wrecks your iPad. There are also top quality cables in the market which are not that expensive but works like original cables. These lightning cables have special cheap insides which communicate with the logic board and the battery. These cables give them the signals, if the signal is not right it can be very harmful to the gadget you are using.

To check the battery health in your latest iPad devices all you have to do is go to settings->battery->battery health and you will see the battery life or if the battery has any problem is that simple. If you think your iPad battery is not lasting you longer and it needs a replacement we at Mobile Repair factory can help you. We always keep stock for the batteries of iPads so you don’t have to wait for the parts arrival. The repair can be done on the same day with a very competitive price. If you want to see our prices you can CLICK HERE to check.

Getting Your iPad Screen Fixed

Getting Your iPad Screen Fixed

That’s the question people ask when they break their beloved iPad, what should we do? Where do we go? Will they fixed it properly or they are going to do the doggy job. These days there are many repairers in the market some doing part-time repair jobs for some extra cash, some works from home full time and some are professionals have their own workshops and doing proper repairs. So how to choose which is the right repairer, who do you trust with your device?

The people who want to make extra cash on the side people call them Youtube repairer. The problem with that repairer, they don’t have the good experience fixing your devices. That’s why most of the time you end up with the bad workmanship and pretty much always you get trouble with the repair done. They can’t even judge between low quality and high-quality parts, the outcome of that they use cheap parts which are cheaper to buy online from overseas to save some of the extra cash on the repairs. You should avoid these sort of repairer at any cost.

In contrast to, people who repair the phones from home. The reason they fix phones from home is they want to save the outgoing cost of the business, which includes rent, electricity, labor, and etc. Furthermore, they still charge customers at the same price as the other proper repairer. It is very hard to concentrate on the job if you are working from home. You get a lot of distraction which electronics repair cannot take. The repairing is so delicate job you have to give your 100% concentration to it. While you are working on any electrical board the small mistake will be fatal. Moreover, to fix the mobile devices you need proper workshop and equipment, which you will not see in the home setup.

We recommend always choose the proper shop to repair your precious iPad. The reason, they have proper training and most important very good experience with the devices. They use the proper tools to fix your gadget. They have strong suppliers connection, which can give us the quality of parts and better workmanship. You always check their rating online before taking your device in. It will give you the better idea what sort of workmanship and customer service they can provide you. We at Mobile Repair Factory always value our customers. We strive to give you the best customer service and quality parts. After we fix your iPad we check for any error done while the device is been repaired. If you want to fix your broken iPad screen and you are in Sydney region CLICK HERE to see our price range or you can call us to discuss further.

iPad screen and back protection tips

iPad screen and back protection tips

Ipad devices are very easy to get damage. That’s the fact, the main cause of it the weight of the iPads and mostly the iPads are in kids hands, who are a bit rough with them. Moreover, the iPad doesn’t have the solid sides which hold the screen together and protects it from any sort of drop. Even the smallest drop can damage the screen of your gadget. It is mandatory to use a cover with your iPad device to protect them from any sort of mishaps. There is plenty of variety to choose from, but there are only three types of materials. You can get plastic, silicone, and rubber. The best material which can absorb the shock is rubber material.

Moreover, the different styles include the cover which goes just on the back of your device and protects the back base, the cover takes pretty much all the impact. You can buy this sort of cover in all three materials. They also come with the table stand, where you can stand your device on a table or any other surface. These sort of covers can give your device minimum protection. If you are not a fan of thick covers this might suit you.
ipad back protection

Furthermore, there is a flip cover. Which gives you protection not only for the back but also for the front. The flip part folds on your screen which gives protection to the screen when you drop something on it. They also come in rubber, silicon, and plastic. It is always a good idea to avoid using only plastic material as in protection because they don’t absorb the shock.
ipad flip protection

The best protection you can buy for your iPad is the rubber and plastic together. This cover will not only protect the sides and back of your iPad it even protects the front of it. There is a plastic clip on case which goes on the back and the front of your gadget, making it secure from any sort of drop. Then there is a rubber case which goes over that plastic giving it maximum protection as possible for the accidental drop. They also come in different colors and design. These covers are very tough and are recommended by many iPad experts.
ipad tough protection

If you break your iPad screen anyhow, don’t worry. The Mobile Repair Factory is a very reputable company with very high experience in fixing all sorts of iPad damaged screens or any other problem. The best thing about them you don’t have to book them in and most of the repairs they can do on the same day. You can check their web page to fix your broken iPad screen or call them for any queries.

Things to check when buy used mobile phones

Things to check when buy used mobile phones

If you are thinking to buy used mobile phones. Either, you are buying iOs based device or Andriod based unit. There are a few things you have to check before buying those pre-owned mobile devices. First thing first, the condition of the mobile phone. If it is badly used phone don’t buy that, it might be repaired or may have some sort of lose connection inside the phone. Furthermore, give a close look to the screen if there is any yellow color on the LCD (display) or any dead pixels, spots any sort of or color, avoid buying those as well. You can check the LCD screen by going through different colors black, blue, grey and yellow, it will give you a clear vision of any sort of dead pixels or spots on it. Furthermore, check the battery status, these days pretty much all the smartphones give you the options to check the battery life in them. To check the battery status in iPhones go to settings then go to the battery and in battery health. You will see the battery percentage there if its more than 85% percent it’s not that bad.

The other important part is user information like any email IDs, passcode or photos. In iPhones always check if there is an iCloud ID signed in to it if there is ask the seller to remove it. If you buy that device with the ID on it, you won’t be able to log out from it later or add your own ID in it. If you are buying Samsung Galaxy devices, please make sure the google ID is been logged out. The other things to look for Samsung devices is the Knox security and Samsung store ID, they all must be removed before you buy it from the seller. Always make sure there is no user lock on the screen or mater of fact not any sort of encryption is activated when you are buying that device.

Moreover, is the functionality of the mobile phone device. Please give the close look to the camera, sometimes the camera result is bit blurry or has spots in the taken photos. To check the camera properly focus towards any white color object which will give you the clear vision of any sort of spots. Always check the camera with zoom in and out, sometimes this feature doesn’t work, if the camera is broken. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to put your sim card in it and check all the incoming and outgoing speaker. You can check those by calling someone and ask them the quality of the sound if it’s a crackly or muffled voice you have speakers problem. In addition, ask them to call you back, that will check your ringer of the phone as well.

It is always better to avoid buying phones online because when you buy a phone from someone on the street and you have a problem with it, you don’t have anywhere to go to. You will end up spending a bit of extra cash to fix the problem with your used mobile phone. Always buy a used phone from a reputable company. We at Mobile Repair Factory, all used mobile phones are strictly been tested with all sort of encryptions and functional test. You can visit our used mobile phones in Sydney to see which mobile phone device you are after.

Buying Second-hand VS refurbished phones

Buying Second-hand VS refurbished phones

These Days Smartphones are in demand, not because they look good, it just a fact you can do a lot with them. You are walking with a mini computer in your pocket. The things you can do with your mobile phones these days are incredible, like checking emails, playing games, calling free overseas or locally, using apps like facebook, tiktok, snap chat and many more you name it. Moreover, did I mention about the camera, nowadays the cameras in the mobile devices are going to the sky high, you get DSLR professional camera result with your small mobile telephone. These things come at a high price. There are a lot of people who will do anything to buy one of these, sadly it becomes a symbol of high society which everyone wants to be in, show off their lifestyle and gadgets.

There are three types of quality to choose from which is Brand new, Second-hand and refurbished devices. Indeed, brand new phones are way out of the pockets to most of us. The top features and high-quality brands like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and etc, you looking at spending thousands to buy these brand new phones. In contrast, the refurbished phones are much cheaper and affordable to the people with low income but there is a catch. The refurbished phones are not in their original states, they have been repaired before or to make them look brand new the back housing is been replaced with an aftermarket, which is not that reliable. Most of the time refurbished phones logic board is been repaired and the parts they use to fix is very low quality, that’s the reason they don’t last long. Avoid buying those phones at any cost, it will be a waste of your money if you buy those.

At another hand, the second-hand mobile phones are a bit more than the refurbished phones in the price terms but their quality is much better if we compare them. The second-hand mobile phones are just been used, which means everything is original and factory fitted. You don’t have to pay a fortune to buy one of that. At the Mobile Repair Factory, all of the phones are pre-owned and have been going through a full 100% functional test. We give a warranty with all our sales to our customers for their peace of mind. If you want to have a look at our stock please Used Phones.

The Era of Technology

The Era of Technology

The era we are living in is for the technology we all are connected with each other it doesn’t matter where we are we can still talk with our beloved ones, send them photos, videos, voice recording in just a few seconds it all become possible because of smart touch screen mobile phones. We do love our precious phones a lot not because of they are expensive because of the data inside which have the sentimental value for some and most have the contacts of their work or mates. It is also very common to break the screen on your smartphone with one single drop and make it unresponsive, that is where Mobile Repair Factory kicks in to look after your devices and takes your worry away.

Mobile Phone Repair Factory have qualified technicians to fix your iPhone broken screen repair Sydney. Our highly qualified technicians have 20 years of experience working with mobile phones with all sort of problems. When it comes to iPhone broken screen repair Sydney, Mobile repair factory is unbeatable in terms of experience, workmanship and quality parts. We always make sure that the parts we are putting in are passed our factory high standards, every single screw is tightened up correctly and holding all the parts correctly together. Even if the side frame needs adjusting or bending back we will fix it up for you for free. We treat every single phone as our own, looking after its product specification. We also give free health check of your beloved gadgets checking from any dead pixels to its battery health check.

If you are in the Sydney metro region you can drop into our shop most of the iPhone broken screen repair Sydney can be done while you wait. There is no need for an appointment or long waiting time you just rock up at our address 87 Gibson avenue Padstow NSW 2211 and we will look after you. You can also call us at 02 8739 2050 to discuss pricing or your device problems, you can also visit our website for the latest update prices at www.mobilerepairfactory.com.au our shop timings are from 9 am till 5:30 pm weekdays and weekend Saturday only from 10 am till 3 pm.

who we are

Mobile Repair Factory, as the name says, is the leading mobile phone and tablet repair company. With extensive years of experience in the phone repair and unlock industry, we take pride in delivering the best service to our clients.

Our mission is to successfully repair phones at an exceptional level by using latest methods and repairing techniques. Along with the qualifications achieved with each degree through years, the repairers we choose have a unique skill set including deep knowledge and advance understanding of mobile phone operations.

We are fully equipped to handle any kind of technical fault, phone repair, screen repair and replacement, mechanical or software repair. Our quick and easy service, extends for iPhones, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG and Nokia Lumia devices.

We assure our clients of our reliability by providing repair and unlock services with warranty. We strive for a high-level of service and satisfaction with all our customers. To maintain this standard of excellence, we continuously improve on quality control and training.

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Our aim is to provide the best possible service and fast delivery. We assure you that our certified technicians provide precised service and promise to use only the best spare parts for replacements. With such quality work and strong guarantee, we promise you:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Quick and speedy service
  • Genuine spare parts
  • Excellent customer service
  • Experienced technicians
  • Warranty on our service