IPhone 5 battery


If you iPhone 5 battery dies quickly or your phone shuts of by its own. We can put new battery in your phone on the spot.


IPhone Battery Replacement

Isn’t your iPhone charging? This might be due to faulty or the drained battery. You can get your problem fixed at Mobile Repair Factory. Our professionals will check the status of your battery and will help you in replacing it. We are the best iPhone battery replacement, Sydney. Any phone without battery is of no use. The backup of your old phone will never be the same as a new one. With constant use and charging and the discharging process, your battery life comes to an end.

There comes the point when your battery doesn’t respond at all to any charging, making your phone dead. This is the point where you must get your battery replaced. Our professionals at Mobile Repair Factory suggest o opt a battery replacement once we sense any problem with your phone battery and our charges are considerably low.


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