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A mobile phone is a necessity in this digital era, and if you are a tech geek, then there is no way that you are going to compromise on the quality of the handset you carry around in your pocket, right? No matter how much we try to keep our mobiles safe from any damage, there is always a risk of its damage, especially when you have a hassle working day on the job. Unless you have prioritized your mobile security more than anything else, there is a high chance that you have faced the nightmare of your mobile’s screen getting damaged. And it is even more heartbreaking if it is an iPhone (because damn they are expensive!). Our team of experts at Mobile Repair Factory is skilled in repairing any mobile screen at an exceptional level by using the latest methods and repairing technologies.

We are an independent service company providing a third-party solution to all your mobile repair needs at an affordable price. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can put your full trust with us to offer you the best mobile repair solution without getting your pocket drained. So, if you are searching for the best and pocket-friendly solution for iPhone 8 plus screen repair near me, then rush to Mobile Repair Factory today!

if there is any repair related to the back glass or the screen, our technician always gives a full health check after we repair your device.

The best about Mobile Repair Factory we always use quality parts and all your repair is covered with a warranty.

At Mobile Repair Factory can repair broken screen, touch panel, and LCD issues, we also offer to replace the top glass as well.

The iPhone 8 Plus gets the same LCD screen tech, the XS has an OLED screen.

The approximate repairing time can be30 to 60 minutes and this time also depends on the condition of the device.

As per the experts you need to be technically expert while repairing any iPhone because this phone needs special tools and skill set.