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Have you smashed or dropped your iPhone 7, and came to know that the front glass has cracked or has shattered or the touch screen or the digitizer is not working right? Don’t worry as we are here to help you. We at Mobile Repair Factory can help you toiPhone 7 screen repair or iPhone 7 screen replacement Sydney in just one day and get your phone back working like new.

The iPhone 7 is quite a good phone, but it’s metal casing is very slippery; hence, it is easy to drop and damage. If the unthinkable happens to you and if your screen gets damaged at all, don’t need to worry because we are there to help you.

The latest model of the iPhone series is the iPhone 7, and for this latest model, we can help you in replacing the screen for a fraction of the price. The Mobile Repair Factory is the best iPhone 7 screen repair Sydney so that you can trust us blindly.

At Mobile Repair Factory we ensure customer satisfaction and high-quality service, our technician will provide you on spot replacement for the front glass.

You don’t need to book any appointment for repair, you can directly walk-in to Mobile Repair Factory.

Our technicians will replace the front screen that will include front glass, touch screen, digitizer, and LCD display. The best part our technician will take no time to repair your device.

The complete process takes about 30-60 minutes or less depends on the condition of the device.

This work needs to get done with extreme care, if someone is not skilled, he can also damage the touch ID and hardware.