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iPad 5th Generation Screen Repair



This repair will fix the broken screen or any touch screen issue with your iPad 2017 version.

iPad 5th Generation Screen Replacement

iPad 5th Generation, while a popular device, is prone to screen damage. If there is any damage to the screen, an iPad should be immediately serviced for an iPad 5th Generation screen repair. And the experts at Mobile Repair Factory can handle that for you.

Our iPad 5th Generation Screen Replacement will solve the following issues with your iPad.

  • Faulty LCD screen
  • Scratched and damaged, unfit for use
  • Blank and unresponsive screen
  • Bricked Display
  • Lines on the display
  • Colour or patches of colour on the device screen

We utilise genuine iPad 5th LCD screens for replacement, with a store guarantee of 60 days. You can send your device to us, and your device will be repaired and returned as soon as possible. Now, get the iPad 5th generation screen replacement solutions right away.


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