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iPhone XR Screen Repair Sydney


This repair comes with the warranty.

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This repair will fix any problem with your LCD display, touch screen or screen cracked problem. This repair can be done while you wait.

iPhone XR Screen Replacement

We would replace the front screen of your iPhone XR as part of our iPhone XR screen repair service. Even with a little crack on the screen, it is advised that one immediately orders an iPhone XR screen replacement. Not only would the damaged screen ruin the experience of using this premium device, but it would leave the internals exposed to dust and water particles, which would cause even more damage.

This iPhone XR screen replacement will solve the following problems –

  • Bricked screen
  • Cracked or smashed LCD glass
  • Faults within the display
  • Touch sensing issues
  • Colour patches on the screen
  • Blank screen

Our highly experienced professionals will replace your damaged screen promptly. Connect with us for an iPhone XR screen replacement today and get a good deal in no time!


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