5 Quick fix hacks for your cracked iPhone

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Any damage or cracked iPhone may be very frustrating as it proves financial burden to you. Sometimes, you have to send it to manufacturer for repair and leave it for few days. It may bring fear of delay in repairing, losing data or precious phone too.

Whatever the degree of damage is, seeing your broken iPhone is disappointing as it is a valued possession. Generally, people are concerned about the cost of breaking their iPhone or it will be sent to manufacturers for repairing which leaves you without your iPhone for months. Think about losing your important data or iPhone apps.

Hacks for your cracked iPhone

There are outcomes that are difficult to put up with. Don’t worry. There are many ways you can use to repair your iPhone without incurring any cost or sending it off. What if you get some 5 Quick fix hacks for your cracked iPhone? Well, it may sound great. Let’s talk more about it.

Hacks For Cracked iPhone

• Home button not working–

instead of sending it off to manufacturers, you attempt and replace it. First, go for the software solution. You can get to this feature by – settings – general – accessibility. After that click on “assistive touch” slide it till it shows green. If there is hardware problem then replace the home button.

• Volume controls don’t work –

for this you again have to use accessibility button. After you reaching their click on “control centre”, form there you can control volume without need to unlock the iPhone.

• Screen is cracked-

the worst thing that can happen to your iPhone is that its screen is completely broken. It is the most common problem with iPhone. Yu can repair the screen yourself. First get a quality iPhone screen. There are numerous videos on YouTube that provide step-by-step directions to replace the screen. That way it is easier to understand what to do.

Cracked iPhone screen

• Water damage –

have you dropped your iPhone in water? If yes then you have to act fast. Don’t turn on the iPhone. Get a plastic bag filled with raw rice and fully immerse your iPhone in bag. Try to eliminate air form the bag and leave it for 24 hours in a warm cupboard.

• Battery is broken-

fortunately you can replace your battery by yourself if your batter y is dying out early. Get an economical but dependable iPhone battery. Search for step-by-step guide to replace the battery on internet. This task just needs 15 minutes.

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